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Ben Warner

Vancouver, Washington


Encryption, Data-at-rest, Quantum, Military Weapon Systems, Hard drives, Cross-domain solutions, Zero-Trust, Risk Management Framework, Data Science/Analytics, SIEMs, NIST CSF, NIST FIPS, NIST NVD, NSA CSfC, NIAP Common Criteria, CNSA 2.0

Project lead of “Congressional Cyber Vulnerability Survey for the top 100 U.S. Weapon System”, Cybersecurity Manager of various U.S. Air Force unnamed fighter/bomber aircraft weapon systems, Lead Cybersecurity Engineer for GE Aviation F-35 replacement engine, Admin for Air Force Research Lab’s SecureView Cross-domain technology, JWICs Admin, U.S.A.F. Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Electronic Protection Technicians in undisclosed deployed environments, Various NSA quantum and AES encryption capability enhancement projects.

I am excited to see what our future has in store. In my opinion Moore’s law was not wrong, we had simply ran into a small statistical anomaly potentially caused by reasonable human fear of the power of AI. Overall, I believe technology will advance ten-fold over the next decade because of the open access to ever evolving technology now at or soon to be at our fingertips such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing. I have no fear of technology and am typically an early adopter of new capabilities. I’m in as many beta programs as I can get my hands on and I imagine, funds permitting, I’ll be one of the first to own a driverless and/or flying car.

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Ben Warner

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