Collider (College Park, MD, USA)

Collider is a College Park, MD-based hackerspace founded in 2014. According to Cofounder Ibrahim Hashme, most member projects are focused on electronics (e.g., MCUs, PCBs, robotics, and radio).

What are the most typical projects undertaken at your space? 

  • Mostly electronics projects (e.g., MCUs, PCBs, robotics, radio)

What sort of tools/equipment do you have at your space? 

  • Soldering station, multimeter, voltmeter, and electronics hand tools

Are there any tools your group really wants or needs?

  • Oscilloscope, 3-D printer, dremel, higher quality soldering iron

Tell us about your space!

  • Store all projects and hardware in cubbies. Two rooms, one hardware oriented and the other software. Each room is about 500 square feet. They are connected by an open wall.

What’s the craziest, most exciting, and/or most innovating project your group or group members have completed? 

  • Everything was exciting but small scale so far, such as a virtual reality chair, a speed sensing tunnel, etc.

Do you have any events or initiatives you’d like to tell us about? Where can we learn more about it? 

  • We hold hacktorials everyThursday, where someone familiar with a certain field shares his expertise in a hands on workshop. We also are starting a mentor program. No weekly “hack nights” also occur.

Can you tell us about some of your group’s recent tech projects?

  • Recently we were forced to move by the University, and are still setting up in the new room. I created a secret knock door lock, and others did things too for the new space.