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Denhac (Denver, CO, USA)

Denhac is a hackerspace on a mission to create and sustain a local, community driven, shared space, that enables education, experimentation, and collaboration, by applying the spirit of DIY to science, technology, engineering, and art.

Location 975 E 58th Ave, Unit N Denver, CO 80216
Members 45

Alpha One Labs

What’s your meeting space like? 

It’s about 2,500 sq. ft. of commercial/warehouse/workshop space. We have an open shop floor area, bay doors, a classroom, an air-conditioned server room, and floorspace for several workstations specializing in various DIY areas.

What tools do you have in your space? 

  • Small OpenStack driven data center (four 72″ racks)
  • Cisco Networking workstation (for learning network engineering and infosec activities)
  • Textile workstation (sewing machines and USB driven embroidery machine) used for costuming, cosplay creation, etc.
  • 3D Printer workstation with Lulzbot printer
  • SeeMeCNC large format printer
  • Electronics workstation with oscilloscopes, breadboards, components, testing equipment, etc.
  • Soldering station
  • Small tools workstation (grinders, dremels, etc.),
  • Large format printer workstation,
  • Lasercutter (100watt),
  • Internet radio station ( with a group going for a Low Power FM license (for running a community radio station)
  • Lots of racks for servers
  • 100 MB Internet

Are there any tools your group really wants or needs?

A metal forge, welding gear, carpentry gear, and CNC Tools.

Does your group work with embedded tech like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, embedded security, or MCU-based designs?

Yes, we teach classes on all of these (and more).

What are some of the projects your group has been working on?

Many and few, lots of individual projects. The group focuses more on collecting great tools for it’s members, and teaching classes on a broad range of topics (from making costumes, to hacking Arduino’s, to synthetic biology DNA hacking with bioblocks).

What’s the craziest project your group or group members have completed?

9′ Tesla coil. Also, a Steampunk flamethrower.

You mentioned a Low Power FM group earlier, can you tell us more about it? Are there other events or initiatives you’d like to talk about?

Yes, we’re just starting up a Low Power FM (LPFM) group that will be applying for a license to set up and run an FM community radio station at Denhac. We started a weekly Kids Coding Dojo class that teaches kids from ages six to fifteen how to code. (Accompanied by their parents.) We have a software defined radio hacking group (Radio Heads) that uses programs like GNUradio with SDR-capable radio kits and dongles to ‘listen in’ on the world. A BIG antenna is needed for that! We have a LockSport group that meets monthly and has some expert lock pickers. We have a 3D and LaserCutter printer group that meets as needed to teach members and the public how to use the equipment and to trade ideas on what to make next.

What would you like to say to fellow hackers out there?

Come and visit! We love visitors.

Want to know more about Denhac? Make sure to check out their website!

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Denhac (Denver, CO, USA)

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