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Circuit Cellar is a monthly magazine about electronics design and programming. It’s read by electronics enthusiasts, electrical engineers, EE/ECE students, roboticists, embedded systems programmers, and electronics DIYers around the world. Whether you’re new to electronics design and programming or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll find Circuit Cellar’s in-depth articles interesting, exciting, and inspiring. Each issue is packed with in-depth microcontroller-based projects, how-to articles, intros to new technologies, programming tips, and much more!

For a limited time, Circuit Cellar is offering eligible members of electronics clubs, hackerspaces, and “maker” groups free access to 1 year of Circuit Cellar’s digital magazine. Simply fill out the form below to be considered for a free subscription.

Free Sample Issue – See What Circuit Cellar Is All About


  • You must sign up via the form below. Once you Submit, the Circuit Cellar team will review your request to determine if you qualify. Please allow up to 7 business days for Circuit Cellar to respond.
  • Requirements/qualifications:
    • You are not a current subscriber to Circuit Cellar (print or digital)
    • You are an active member and/or participant in a verifiable hackerspace, “maker” group, or DIY electronics-related club or organization.
    • You must provide valid contact information. The contact information must be your own.
  • If the application is accepted, you will receive a 1-year digital subscription to Circuit Cellar magazine.
  • Circuit Cellar reserves the right to approve or cancel a subscription at any time for any reason.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Q: What topics does Circuit Cellar magazine cover?

A: Many topics are covered, such as: microcontroller-based projects, robotics, embedded programming, embedded systems, wireless communications, sensor technologies, programmable logic, and much more!

Q: Who reads Circuit Cellar?

A: Since 1988, Circuit Cellar has been read by a diverse group of electronics enthusiasts. Our readers include serious electronics DIYers, EE/ECE students, pro engineers, and even technically inclined high school students interested in micrcontrollers, programming, robotics, and circuits.

Q: Who can use this webpage to apply for a free digital subscription?

A: Active members of verifiable hackerspaces, “maker” groups, and/or electronics-related clubs or organizations.

Q: What is a digital edition of Circuit Cellar and how do I read it?

A: It is a high-resolution replica of Circuit Cellar magazine.

Q: How do I access each digital edition once I am subscribed?

A: You can view your digital edition in two different ways. (1) You can read it via the online flipbook reader, which launches as soon as you log in at (2) You can read it as a high-res PDF, which you can download once you log in at

Q: When is each new issue of Circuit Cellar available?

A: Circuit Cellar is a monthly magazine. Each new digital issue should be available at about 1 week prior to its published month. For example, the February issue should be available during or before the last week of January.

Q: If I am signed up for a digital subscription, am I also on Circuit Cellar’s mailing list?

A: Yes. Your email will automatically be added for you. You can unsubscribe from the email list at any time from within the email.

Q: Can I have a print version of the magazine?

A: Circuit Cellar sells paid print subscriptions. But the current offer is for a digital subscription. If you want a print subscription, you’ll have to pay the current rate.

Q: I need help with my subscription! Whom do I contact?

A: Contact our customer service staff.

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Note: We’ve made the Dec 2022 issue of Circuit Cellar available as a free sample issue. In it, you’ll find a rich variety of the kinds of articles and information that exemplify a typical issue of the current magazine.

Would you like to write for Circuit Cellar? We are always accepting articles/posts from the technical community. Get in touch with us and let's discuss your ideas.
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