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Transducer Class Multi-Grid Strain Sensors for Multi-Axis Force, Axial, and Torsional Load Measurements

Vishay Precision Group’s Micro-Measurements brand recently introduced the S5060 Series of transducer class multi-grid advanced strain sensors. Designed for accurate, cost-effective multi-axis force, torque/axial and torsional load measurements, the Series is well suited for a wide variety of applications, including robotics, factory automation, machinery, materials testing, and more. Micro-Measurements S5060

The S5060 Series’s features, specs, and benefits:

  • Incorporates proprietary Advanced Sensors Technology
  • When installed in pairs, the circuitry pattern can be used to construct both a full-torsion bridge and a full-Poisson bridge via the installation of just two strain sensors.
  • The alignment of a single pair automatically aligns all other grids installed on the common backing
  • The number of required circuit refinements for initial zero balance, as well as temperature compensation for zero balance, are further reduced via improvements in resistance tolerance (±0.2%) and grid-to-grid thermal performance matching specifications.

Sample and production quantities are now available. Prototype sensors can be produced and delivered within six weeks, with standard volumes available in 10 weeks.

Source: Micro-Measurements

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