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Queppelin Develops Anamorphic 3D Billboards, the Latest Trend in Digital Signage

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Queppelin develops anamorphic 3D billboards, the latest trend in digital signage. The use of stereopsis and enormous billboards are capturing people’s attention, and Queppelin knows how to design some of the most interesting.

We have all seen the amazing MGM Lion breaking free of its cage in Times Square, NY, seemingly ready to leap down into the crowd. Through the use of Forced Perspective, and the use of Stereopsis developers are able to display an image (video animation) that seems to be moving off the screen.

Stereopsis derives from the curved screens to present an image to the viewer that comes from two different angles and approximates a 6.3cm distance between the viewer’s eyes. This forces the image to seem bigger than it actually is and gives it the illusion of being 3 dimensional.

Queppelin uses its anamorphic billboards from the same video display techniques as any LED, or OLED, television, but from a curved surface. Hence the corner-mounted screens as in the video shown here.

The screen is made up of a background screen with lenticular lenses (curved) placed strategically on the surface of the screen. This allows the image to seem bigger than it is and allows for two separate images to be presented on the same surface.

Using the physical surroundings of the place where the billboard is located, such as high in the air, the developers are able to use images that mirror that environment. They take advantage of a helicopter high about a building, or a sports car speeding through a tunnel, in the building itself.

These techniques make for highly convincing, and emotionally evoking content, that people want to share with others, through social media or text.

Using Blender (Cycles) and Render Farm, specialized software systems, Queppelin developed the sports car speeding through a tunnel, only to burst from the screen at the end.

Queppelin Sports Car 3D Billboard

To find out more about Queppelins 3D billboards see the blog post at the company website here.

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Queppelin Develops Anamorphic 3D Billboards, the Latest Trend in …

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