Photocoupler for RS-232C 100-kbps Communications

Toshiba Electronics Europe recently announced a new photocoupler that can support signal transfer speeds of up to 100 kbps. Intended for communication applications in industrial systems and home appliance devices, the TLP2703 can be driven by a low input current of 1 mA. It features a high current transfer ratio (IC/IF) of 900% (min) at an input current of 0.5 mA. With propagation delay at 25 µs (max) at an input current of IF = 1.6 mA and 7 µs (max) at IF = 12 mA, the IC is well suited for insulated communication interfaces (e.g., RS-232C).Toshiba TLP2703

Housed in an SO6L package (maximum height of 2.3 mm) and featuring a creepage distance of 8 mm and an isolation voltage of 5 kVRMS, you can use the TLP2703 in applications requiring high insulation performance. Futhermore, its temperature range is up to +125°C.

Source: Toshiba