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NXP Launches The First Secure Tri-Radio Device Supporting Wi-Fi 6.

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

NXP Semiconductors launched the IW612, an industry-first secure tr-radio device to support the Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, and 802.15.4 protocols. The IW612 is part of a family of tri-radio products, which enable seamless, secure, connectivity for smart home, industrial, and automotive use cases. It also supports the new Matter connectivity protocol.

Developers benefit from the NXP’s coexistence capability, which provides simultaneous support of three radios on a single device, reducing costs and development time. The IW612 removes constraints on the single protocol ecosystems, allowing for seamless interoperability across different ecosystems and wireless network technologies.

The challenge of limited interoperability in IoT environments keeps consumers from using different smart home products from different companies. Matter, a new standardized IoT connectivity protocol, designed by a community of industry leaders that included NXP, addresses the limitations by unifying how devices communicate, independent of the manufacturer or wireless technology.

The result is more connectivity on more levels between more objects, simplifying development and compatibility for consumers.

In support of this new era of interoperability, the IW612 integrates three of the industry’s top connectivity radios onto a single device. This delivers robust radio performance and integrates a high-performance RF front end. The combination truly enables interoperability in the smart home, significantly reduces development timelines, and simplifies designs thereby reducing costs.

The resulting devices overcome coexistence challenges that developers face today while enabling advanced security protocols, helping to reduce the ever-increasing number of threats facing IoT.

NXP reports that the IW612 can be used for border routers, bridges, and gateways in the smart home. Those technologies would be directed at connecting Thread or Bluetooth devices to the cloud using the integrated Wi-Fi radio. IW612 allows connection to all Matter devices regardless of whether they use Thread or Wi-Fi. This allows Matter-over-Wi-Fi products to control and monitor Matter-over-Thread devices and the reverse of either method of communication.

Key Features of the IW612

  • Tri-Radio Integration
    • Wi-Fi 6 reduces network congestion, improved robustness, extends ranges, and lowers overall power.
    • Bluetooth 5.2 for audio, A2DP and LE Audio, voice and network commissioning
    • 802.15.4 for Matter with Thread mesh networking  
  • Advanced coexistence for external and internal multiple radio operation
  • Integrated RF front end including LNAs, high power Pas, and switches for cost-saving across the system, reduced bill-of-materials, and footprint.
  • Enhanced security for protection against IoT attacks


IW612 was demonstrated at CES 2022, the product information and product data can be found at the Matter information page at NXP Semiconductor’s website

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NXP Launches The First Secure Tri-Radio Device Supporting Wi-Fi 6…

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min