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MOSFET is Drop-In Replacement for DPAK Footprint

Infineon Technologies is expanding its recently launched CoolMOS P7 superjunction power MOSFET family with a SOT-223 package. The device has been developed as a one-to-one drop-in replacement for DPAK. It is fully compatible with a typical DPAK footprint. The combination of the new CoolMOS P7 platform with the SOT-223 package is Infineon SOT223-CoolMOS-P7a perfect fit for applications such as chargers for smartphones, laptop adapters, TV power supplies and lighting.

The new power MOSFET CoolMOS P7 is designed to address needs of the low power SMPS market. It uses a price competitive superjunction technology, which results in a reduced overall Bill of Materials (BOM) on the user side. The thermal behavior of the CoolMOS P7 in this package was assessed across several applications. When the SOT-223 was placed on a DPAK footprint, the temperature increased by a maximum of 2°C to 3 °C compared to a standard DPAK. And for copper areas of 20 mm² or more, the thermal performance was equal to DPAK. The CoolMOS P7 in SOT-223 is available in 600 V, 700 V and 800 V devices.

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