Issue 328 November: EQ Questions

Review these four Test Your EQ problems that appeared in Circuit Cellar November (328). Test your knowledge. Answers appear in the December issue (329)

Question 1USB is by far the most common way to connect peripherals to PCs these days, yet there seems to be a lot of misinformation about USB floating around the Internet. Let’s try to address some basic facts about USB. It is fairly well understood that the simplest form of USB uses four wires, two for power and two for data. Describe how the data wires are used.

Question 2The “B” in USB stands for “bus”. In what sense is USB a bus?

Question 3There are standard colors specified for the wires in a USB cable. What are they?

 Question 4The new USB “C” connector has an important feature that no previous USB connector has. What is it?

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Issue 328 November: EQ Questions

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