In Memoriam—Hugo Van haecke (1951–2015)

Hugo Van haecke, president and publisher of Circuit Cellar, Inc. and Segment LLC, passed away on August 19, 2015, in Denver, CO. A publishing industry veteran and an exceptional manager, Hugo was instrumental in the transition of our business from its early foundations into a future-ready organization—managing acquisitions, mergers, and restructuring the companies to ensure the continuity and evolution of the titles (audioXpress, Voice Coil, Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook, and Circuit Cellar) as well as the company’s book publishing business.

2012-09-29 Marriott Wentworth by the Sea, New Castle, NH

Born May 5, 1951, in Antwerp, Belgium, Hugo was the second of four children born to Henri and Alice Van haecke-Verrycken. He was an eager learner from the start, and through the teachings of his older brother, Alex, knew how to read, write and do basic math before he entered the first grade. During his formative educational years, Hugo was a passionate student with a desire to learn, but struggled with the restrictive nature of the educational environment.

In 1973, Frank de Winter gave Hugo a job at Old Charley, a wine wholesale company, to assist in bookkeeping, accounts, and customer relations. Frank taught Hugo everything there was to know about accounting, bookkeeping, and finances. Hugo excelled in this environment and the experience reinforced his lifelong belief that wisdom and success are fostered through real word experiences.

Hugo moved to the US with his family in 1999, while working for Wolters Kluwer, a publishing group based in the Netherlands. During his career, he managed businesses and companies around the world. In 2005, Hugo started his own venture, working with several companies as a consultant, a financial advisor, and president.

Hugo had semi-retired to devote more time to his family and especially his granddaughter, while continuing to be at the helm of our business. A lover of family, life, and friends, Hugo was a great manager, a proud Million Miler traveler, and someone who inspired us all and will be greatly missed.

Hugo Van haecke is survived by his wife, Erna Van Meerbergen; his children Margo Valaika and husband Chris Valaika; Thomas Van haecke and wife, Emilie Van haecke; his granddaughter, Alyse Valaika; his brother, Alex Van haecke; his sister Lieve Van haecke; and numerous other relatives.

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In Memoriam—Hugo Van haecke (1951–2015)

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