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IAR Offers New Security Solution With Embedded Secure IP

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

IAR offers a new security solution with Embedded Secure IP. The new security solution from IAR allows embedded developers more choices while making adding security easier at late-stage development.

The IAR Embedded Secure IP allows many stakeholders, like software managers, engineers, and project managers to quickly upgrade existing products with security at any stage of development, up to production and manufacturing.

Customers can choose whether or not to deploy the software themselves or initiate volume production with an IAR-approved partner, such as EPS Global or H-Lo Systems.

The development of the Embedded Secure IP is partly because of changes and advancements in security legislation and requirements. The security requirements are becoming stricter and embedded developers need a flexible avenue to updating and adding security features at any stage of the product life cycle.

With the IAR Embedded Secure IP, users that are using MCU-centric systems do not have to revert their software development process. The integration of embedded security is easier with the IAR system, and embedding security in their firmware is also much easier.

This solution uses data obfuscation to protect sensitive data and program encryption from concealing the executable application. The IAR system also implements the latest standards for operational data protection that include device keys and digital signatures. This allows dynamic and customer-specific key creation, injection, and provisioning.

“IAR Embedded Secure IP makes it effortless to incorporate security into products at any stage of their lifecycle,” said Ada Lu, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Embedded Security Solutions at IAR. “With our tools for implementing late-stage security, customers stay flexible in their development processes and are prepared for future security requirements.”

For more information on the IAR Embedded Secure IP see the product page at IAR’s website here.


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IAR Offers New Security Solution With Embedded Secure IP

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 1 min