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Full Schematic and PCB Layout in One Project File

TARGET 3001! combines the full schematic and PCB layout in one project file. Schematic and layout are always in a consistent state. An embedded PSpice simulator enables the modeling of the electrical function of the circuit eliminating errors early in the design phase.

TARGET 3001! offers more than 38,000 components in a local MySql database. When placed on a server, an entire design team can simultaneously access the same component source. If a component is placed in a design, its drawing and all its properties still can individually be changed independent of the database. Most components are furnished with a 3-D model so that a PCB can be easily inspected in a live 3-D view. A STEP file import allows for the creation of custom 3-D models; the STEP export allows the 3-D printing of an exact model of your PCB with components.

Besides XGerber and Excellon, TARGET 3001! provides a wide range of industry standard manufacturing formats. It also includes a tool for isolation milling, outputting the data in G-Code and HPGL. Open and save Eagle projects. PCB sizes up to 47″ × 47″ and an embedded front-panel designer make TARGET 3001! the perfect tool for high-end makers as well as development pros who want to move quickly from design idea to finished product.

You can try a free version for double-sided projects up to 250 pins/pads at:

Source: Ing.-Buero FRIEDRICH

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