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Firms Collaborate on CAD Component Data Intelligence Effort

Zuken has partnered with SiliconExpert, a specialist in electronic component databases and parts information, to deliver critical component information to engineers within their design environment. The new integration enables engineers to make better component selection decisions, resulting in higher quality products and lower costs in less time. Zuken and SiliconExpert have connected the component library to the supply chain through an advanced integration, feeding real-time, accurate component information drawn from 34 million components, straight to the desktop.

SiliconExpert provides dynamic commerce data to complement the CAD library data. With the new integration, Zuken’s engineering data management system (DS-CR) uses RESTful APIs to pull data updates directly from SiliconExpert on a user-defined frequency. SiliconExpert’s updated data, combined with DS-CR, provide the following benefits:

  • Elimination of stale or inaccurate commerce data from the corporate library
  • High-risk parts are flagged during the component selection process
  • Proactive engineering team alerts during the entire development cycle based on critical component status changes (such as lifecycle status)
  • Consolidation of critical component data reducing component research and selection time

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