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Elephant Robotics Launches MechArm 270 Pi, a Versatile Desktop Robot Arm

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Elephant Robotics, a manufacturer of robot arms for the manufacturing industry, as well as robot toys, has launched MechArm 270 Pi, a versatile desktop robot arm assistant.

MechArm 270 Pi, is based on its bigger more industrial cousins and is open-source integrated for ease of use. The robot is a 6-Axis robot arm that is based on Raspberry Pi and Python-ready. The working radius of MechArm is 270mm and its maximum payload is 250g.

The arm has an AGV remote for ease of use. The MechArm uses the robot operating system (ROS) the standard for operating a robot arm in research and industry. Additionally, the MechArm has a visual tracking and capture feature, voice control, and the built-in Raspberry Pi computer system.

Elephant Robotics was aiming for designers, and creatives, to be free of minor tasks that can bog down the routines of daily life. As an assistant with 6 degrees of freedom, and a full range of motion, the MechArm is designed for desktop utility and function.

The precision motion is as good or better than a larger industrial arm. With open-source interfaces, MechArm can use a diverse range of applications that allows the arm to recognize objects, faces, and images.

With ROS, a mainstream, globally recognized, robot communication framework, MechArm can conduct algorithm verification in a virtual environment. This decreases requirements for the experimental environment and improves research efficiency.

MechArm Pi 270 comes with the myStudio resource software and tools that provides three main functions.

  1. Update Firmware
  2. Provide how-to video tutorials for MechArm
  3. Provide Video, Q&A, and Support for maintenance and repair of the unit.


  • Operating radius – 270mm
  • Degrees of Freedom – 6
  • Max Load – 250g
  • Unit Weight – 1000g
  • Lifetime – 500 h
  • Power Input – DC 8.4 – 14 V

Core Parameters

  • 240MHz dual-core
  • 600 DMIPS
  • 520KB SRAM
  • Wi-Fi
  • Dual-mode Bluetooth
  • Flash – 4MB
  • Master – Raspberry Pi
  • CPU – Broadcom BCM2711, 64, 1.5 GHz quad-core
  • GPU – 500 MHz VideoCore VI
  • RJ45 x1
  • Bluetooth 802.11 ac
  • microHDMI x2
  • audio 3.5mm interface

Specifications can also be found here.

The MechArm 270 Pi has a retail price of $799.00 USD, through Shopify. Shipping time may be extended.

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Elephant Robotics Launches MechArm 270 Pi, a Versatile Desktop Ro…

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