Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 317)

317 grid (key)


  1. ELEVENTH—Undenary
  2. POSITION—What does a linear sensor read?
  3. CALCULATOR—Herzstark’s Curta
  4. PETA—1015
  5. SHUNTREGULATOR—Stabilizes voltage fluctuations [two words]
  6. COPPER—Conductive trace material
  7. LUMEN—A lux is one of these per square meter
  9. ANNULUS—Little ring


  1. VARISTOR—Often used to suppress AC line spikes
  2. CHANGE—Delta
  3. RECKONER—Leibniz’s digital mechanical calculator
  4. DUT—To what does a scope probe connect test equipment?
  5. KERNEL—Nucleus
  6. DUCKING—A system for controlling one audio signal’s level with another
  7. SEVENTH—Septenary
  8. RMS—Crest factor is the ratio of peak value to which value?
  9. LOCKOUT—Prevent operation
  10. ROOT—Top directory
  11. TEMPORARY—Temporary Foo file
  12. REQUEST—System call