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Antenova’s “Lama” Is A Small IoT Dual-Band Antenna That Jumps Into EU And US Networks.

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Antenova’s latest antenna, the Lama, is a strong performer that jumps headlong into the IoT space. The new low-profile antenna displays strength and performance excellence on the EU 868 MHz and US 915 MHz bands.

The “Lama” is also part number SRFI065 and was designed for small, connected devices working on the LP-WAN networks including LoRa, Sigfox, Wi-SUN, and MIoTy. The antenna is designed to function in both Europe and America and uses ISM frequencies for either or both regions. This means that a single product design can be sold in US and EU markets.

The design has created a very small antenna, making it suitable for designs with limited or constrained space requirements. It is a flexible printed circuit (FPU) antenna, measuring 35x10x0.15mm, and comes with a standard 100mm RF cable with an I-PEX MHF connector. This gives the mounting a variety of options.

In tests, the Lama performed equally well in 868 MHz and 915 MHz bands. With a peak efficiency of 60% and a maximum VSWR of 1.5:1 for both frequency bands.

The LP-WAN networks also known as ISM use frequencies of 863-870 MHz in Europe and 902-928 MHz in the US. These are license-free bands that are typically used to connect large fleets of low-powered devices. These devices usually transmit small packets of data across large physical distances at low bit rates.

For these reasons, the Lama is well suited for small, networked devices operating across wide geographic areas in IoT applications. It’s a sure bet that the Lama will be applicable to smart agriculture, smart cities, and tracking – and monitoring from great distances.

The antenna can be used in agriculture for cloud-connected sensors to measure ground moisture and temperature, or even to track cattle, and other livestock.

This form of the antenna can be very useful in remote-controlled applications such as meter reading, environmental monitoring, and the connected services found in smart cities that control street lighting, parking sensors, and waste containment structures.

Some of the more complex systems and functions fit within the Lama’s efficiency rating, like Cold Chain Supply and Transport, fragile distribution, logistics, and tracking of goods and containers.

Antenova’s Michael Castle sees the future of smart cities and the Lama: “The Lama antenna targets these growing markets which will need large volumes of devices on all continents of the world. For example, we estimate there could be 45 million connected streetlights worldwide by 2025.”

Antenova offers a range of consultancy and testing services. There is a selection of online tools and calculators to help designers achieve their lofty goals, with ease.

For more information on the Lama small dual-band antenna from Antenova, check out the Lama product page.

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Antenova’s “Lama” Is A Small IoT Dual-Band Antenna That Jum…

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