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Allied Vision Launches the Alvium G1 and G5 with GigE and 5GigE Vision Interfaces

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Just today, Allied Vision adds to its already powerful camera portfolio with two GigE camera series powered by Alvium Technology.

The Alvium platform now includes industrial vision cameras, with a GigE Vision interface. Alternately, from the USB3 Vision and MIPI-CSI-2 users are now able to choose between two different speed levels of the GigE Vision interface.

In the series of the Alvium G1, there are 14 models, offering resolutions up to 24.6 MP, and are available now. The Alvium G5 series with a 5GigE Vision interface launches with 11 different high-performance Sony IMX image sensors. The models cover a wide spectral range including UV, visible light, NIR, and SWIR. With FPNC, DPC, Active Sensor Alignment, and industrial-grade standard hardware, offering superior image quality, the G1 and G5 cameras are providing future-proof reliability in vision applications.

The new series enhances the flexibility of the Alvium platform and offers users even more features and options to choose from.

The Alvium G1 – Compact GigE camera for excellent image quality

The features of the Alvium G1 include future-proof packaging and a feature set including a broad selection of popular sensors in machine vision. The Allied Vision Alvium chip and latest industrial grade standard hardware provide ease of integration into any vision system while ensuring long-term availability and reliability.

Key facts

  • Up to 24.6-megapixel resolution
  • CMOS global and rolling shutter sensors from Sony and On Semi
  • Up to 276 frames per second
  • Closed Housing
  • C mount, CS-Mount, or S Mount (M12)
  • Monochrome and color (UV, SWIR, and NIR for future release)
  • -20°C to +55°C operating temperature range

The Alvium G5 – upgrade for more performance

The Alvium G5 platform offers all the options and features of the GigE Vision standard with the addition of more bandwidth for applications when resolution and frame rate are crucial considerations. The G5 camera series offers easy upgrade of existing systems, (USB3 Vision of GigE Vision) and is backward compatible with all GigE solutions.

Key Facts

  • Up to 24.6-megapixel resolution
  • CMOS global and rolling shutter SONY IMX sensors
  • Up to 464 frames per second
  • Closed housing (60mm x 29mm x 29mm)
  • C-Mount, CS-Mount, or S-Mount (M12)
  • Monochrome or color images (UV, NIR, and SWIR coming soon)
  • -20°C to +60°C operating temperature

To find out more about the Allied Vision, Alvium G1 and G5 GigE Vision and 5GigE vision cameras stop by the product page on the website.

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Allied Vision Launches the Alvium G1 and G5 with GigE and 5GigE V…

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