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Advantech Receives Certification To Run UNO IoT Edge Gateways On Microsoft Azure IoT Platform

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Advantech announced that its Uno IoT Edge Gateway products are now available in the Microsoft Azure Certified device catalog. This will help internet of things (IoT) customers have all the solutions that need to get up and running quickly. This ensures the hardware and software that Advantech offers have been pre-tested and verified to work with Azure IoT services. The Azure Certified Device program allows businesses to reach customers where they are. By having a full ecosystem of devices and platforms where it is needed and allowing for faster time to production.

Advantech is consistently listed as one of the top 50 global automation suppliers. They have over 17,000 products that offer solutions for many diverse industries including Industry 4.0/smart manufacturing, transportation, power and energy, digital logistics, gaming, smart cities, health care, intelligent retail and hospitality, and intelligent buildings.

The Uno series of edge gateways received both the “Azure Certified Device” and “Edge Managed” certifications. This means the company is providing advanced devices capable of streamlining deployment, reducing costs, and facilitating analytics and edge computing.

To support various industrial IoT and automation applications. The Uno computers are rugged, application-orientated designs. They have a compact form factor that is optimized for easy deployment and maintenance for diverse installations, including extreme environments, outdoors, roadside, and in-cabinet scenarios.

The Azure Certified Device program states that Uno IoT edge gateways support connection to the Azure IoT Hub and secure provisioning through the Device Provisioning Service (DPS). This guarantees functionality and interoperability.

With the Edge Managed certification, which specifies device management standards for Azure connected devices. Securing this certification demonstrates the exemplary performance of the Uno Gateways when it comes to edge runtime compatibility for module management and deployment.

The UNO edge gateways with this high level of certification include

For further information on Advantech’s UNO series of products, see the Advantech Website for a list of hardware and software products and services.

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Advantech Receives Certification To Run UNO IoT Edge Gateways On …

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