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September (issue #398) Circuit Cellar

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4: Controller for a Cifra 5 (Digit5) Flip Clock: Using a PIC16F84A MCU, an L293D Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver, and a DS3231 Real-Time Clock, By Carlo Tauraso

[1] Cifra 5 (Digit5) Clock User Manual

[2] DS3231 Maxim Integrated Datasheet:

Analog Devices |
Microchip Technology |
Texas Instruments |

Code and Supporting Files

13: The Lego Hat: Built with a Raspberry Pi Zero and Lots of Glue, By Chris Cantrell

[1] Lego Hat in Action:
[2] Foam Camping Pad:
[3] Hat pattern:
[4] Hat-making tutorial:
[5] LEGO Motor:
[6] Gears and axels:
[7] Technic beams, axels, and connectors:
[8] Pi Zero:
[9] Motor Controller:
[10] Bicolor LED Matrix:
[11] UBEC 5V converter:
[12] Pushbutton:
[13] The Lego Hat GitHub repository:

Raspberry Pi |

Code and Supporting Files

18: Real-Time Automatic Music Transcriber:  Using a Raspberry Pi RP2040, By Chris Schiff, Jacob Lashin, and Romano Tio

[1] Demonstration video of project:

Adafruit |
Raspberry Pi |

Hunter Van Adams, ECE 4760/5730 Webpage,
Hunter Van Adams, Fixed-Point FFT Webpage,
Hunter Van Adams, VGA PIO Webpage,
Raspberry Pi, RP2040 Datasheet,
Raspberry Pi, Pi Pico Datasheet,
Bruce Land, Protothread Description,
MIDI Association, MIDI Specification,
David Back, Standard MIDI-File Format,

ML Research
Pico TensorFlow Lite Port,
Updated Pico TensorFlow Lite Port used in project,
“End-to-end tinyML audio classification with the Raspberry Pi RP2040”,
“A Lightweight Instrument-Agnostic Model for Polyphonic Note Transcription and Multipitch Estimation”,
“Automatic Music Transcription: An Overview.”,
Demonstration video of project:

Code and Supporting Files

24: A Versatile Assistive Technology Interface, By Matthew Oppenheim and Steve Hodges

[1] An explanation of analog access switches can be found on the Adafruit website:
[2] Jacdac:
[3] Reference Jacdac board designed in KiCAD:
[4] Jacdac kits available at kittenbot:
[5] MakeCode programming platform for Jacdac:
[6] Black Magic probe:
[7] Blue Pill instructions:
[8] JacConnect connector proposed by Microsoft:

onsemi |
STMicroelectronics |
Semtech |

Code and Supporting Files

30: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: MCU Development Tools, By Michael Lynes

[1] STM32Cube Software Tools:
[2] ST Cube IDE:
[3] Silicon Labs Microcontroller Simplicity Studio:
[4] Silicon Labs – MCU Development Kits:
[5] NXP: MCUXpresso (IDE) –
[6] NXP Product Advisor:
[7] Microchip MPLAB:
[9] MPLAB ICD: In-circuit debugger:
[10] Holtek MCU Tools:
[11] Eclipse: Embedded CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) –
[12] Visual Studio: Embedded Software Development –

Eclipse |
Holtek Semiconductor Inc. |
Visual Studio |

36: DATASHEET: Power/Battery Management ICs
A Wide Array of Solutions for Your Embedded System, By Sam Wallace

Datasheet URLs:
Analog Devices ADBMS6830:
Infineon Technologies TLE9012DQU:
Microchip Technology PAC195X:
Nexperia NEH2000BY:
Nordic Semiconductor nPM1300:
Qorvo PAC22140:
Renesas RAA211630:
STMicroelectronics L9961:
Texas Instruments BQ79718-Q1:

40: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: InPlay’s NanoBeacon: An Ultra-Low Power BLE Beacon That Needs Almost No Programming Effort, By Brian Millier

[1] InPlay video on how to interface with the LMT01:
[2] Millier, Brian: Joulescope JS220: A Precision DC Energy Analyzer. Circuit Cellar, Issue 393, April 2023, p. 4-13.
[3] IN100 configuration files for common I2C sensors:
[4] I2C Configuration tutorial video:

InPlay |

IN100 devices and development boards:
Sparkfun IN100 breakout boards:

Code and Supporting Files

52: FROM THE BENCH: Local Isolation: Using the Sun’s Energy, By Jeff Bachiochi

[1] Ball, Stuart. Solar Energy—Getting Started. Circuit Cellar, Issue 395, June 2023, p. 36-40.
[2] Download the current versions of Modbus specifications and implementation guides:

Adafruit |
Espressif Systems |
Modbus |

Code and Supporting Files

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Design Flexibility: Five Ways to Make Your Designs Future-Ready, By James Jaksich and Camron Chilton

Avnet |

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September (issue #398) Circuit Cellar

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