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September (issue #386) Circuit Cellar

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6: Addressable RGB LEDs: A fast and Easy Way to Create Flexible RGB LED Lighting, By Joseph Corleto

[1] WorldSemi WS28212B Datasheet:
[2] Adafruit SK9822 Datasheet:
[3] Remote Control Transceiver (RMT):

Code and Supporting Files

12: Build a Play-Along Keyboard: Using a PIC32 Microcontroller, By Elias Hanna, Marek Chmielewski, and Matias Goldfeld

Part Part Name Vendor Used Purchase Price
LEDs EDGELEC 5mm LED Amazon $6.19
Resistors 470 Ohm Resistor Amazon (included with LEDs)
Shift Register SN74HC595 Amazon $4.84
Keyboard Alesis Melody 32 Amazon $50.15
Development Board PIC32 Big Board ECE 4760 Lab $10
TFT Display Adafruit Color LCD Model 1480 ECE 4760 Lab $10

[1] PIC32 Users Guide:

[2] Port Expander MCP23S17 Data Sheet:

[3] Shift Register Datasheet: SN74HC595

[4] GitHub repository containing our source code

How to Read Sheet Music

Music Theory—Basic Notation

20: PIC32 Based Home Arcade: Solo and Arcade Mode Game Project, By Chuyue (Alga) Peng and Xiangyi Zhao

[1] PIC32MX250F128B Data Sheet:
[2] V.H. Adams, ECE 4760 Lab 3, PID Control of a 1D Helicopter:
[3] V.H. Adams, ECE 4760 HW1, Direct Digital Synthesis:

26: Advanced Metal Detector: A Traditional and Simplified Version, By Dev Gualtieri

[1] U. S. Patent Number 4,912,407, Non-Contacting Inductively Coupled Displacement Sensor System, March. 27, 1990, now expired.

Code and Supporting Files

32: A Comprehensive Introduction of TinyML (Part 3): Building a Home Security System with Face Recognition, By Dhairya Parikh

GitHub Repository:
Techiesms Article Link:
YouTube Channel Link:
PCB Design Link:

38: AroundSound: Digital Echolocation for the Visually Impaired, By Amulya Khurana, Krithik Ranjan & Aparajito Saha

ECE4760 Final Project: Sound Localization Assisted GPS Navigation. Accessed 18 Feb. 2022.
ECE 4760 Final Project: Auditory Navigator. Accessed 18 Feb. 2022.
Aguerrevere, D., Choudhury, M. & Barreto, A. (2004). Portable 3D Sound / Sonar Navigation System for Blind Individuals. LACCET.
Gunther, R., Kazman, R. & MacGregor, C. (2004). Using 3D sound as a navigational aid in virtual environments. Behaviour & IT. 23. 435-446. 10.1080/01449290410001723364.
Schoop, E., Smith, J., & Hartmann, B. (2018, April). Hindsight: enhancing spatial awareness by sonifying detected objects in real-time 360-degree video. In Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 1-12).
Head-Related Transfer Functions – The CIPIC Interface Laboratory Home Page. Accessed 18 Feb. 2022.
Zhou X. (1996). Virtual reality technique. Telecommunications Science. 12(7): 46-–.
PIC 32 Hardware Manual.
PIC32 Peripheral Libraries.

Code and Supporting Files

44: Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: A Review, by Al Mahamud Al Mamun


54: DATASHEET: Open-Spec SBCs: A Bounty of Options

Banana Pi
Orange Pi
Raspberry Pi

62: Picking Up Mixed Signals: The Teensy Audio Station (Part 1): The Circuitry and Audio Library, By Brian Millier

Teensy 3.6 Arm MCU module:

SSM2019 microphone preamplifier:


UDA1334 DAC breakout board (Adafruit ID 3678):
(Note: This board has been discontinued and replaced by the Adafruit I2S 3W Class D Amplifier Breakout – MAX98357A

PDME1-S12-D24-S Isolated DC/DC converter ±24 volts:

PEM1-S12-D15-S Isolated DC/DC converter ±15 volts:

69: From the Bench: It’s All HD Now: The Gameduino GDX3 Dazzler, By Jeff Bachiochi

[1] Jeff Bachiochi, “A World Without NTSC: Bridge the Gap Between NTSC and VGA,”
Circuit Cellar 226, May, 2009.
[2] TermDriver. –
[3] Bob Feng, 2010. “Implementing a TMDS Video Interface in the Spartan-6 FPGA.”
[4] The Gameduino 2 Tutorial, Reference and Cookbook:
[5] Gameduino 3X Dazzler:
[6] Jeff Bachiochi, “From the Bench: Build Quiz Game Based on Key Fob,” Circuit Cellar 385,
August, 2022.
[7] Brian Millier, “Picking Up Mixed Signals: Building a Touchscreen Display Using a Bridgetek
BT81x,” Circuit Cellar 382, May, 2022.

Excamera (Gameduino GD3X):

Code and Supporting Files

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September (issue #386) Circuit Cellar

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