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September (issue #374) Circuit Cellar

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p.6: Getting Started with AI at the Edge: Using QuickFeather and SensiML, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico


[1] EOS S3 Ultra Low Power multicore MCU Datasheet,
[2] QuickFeather Development Kit,
[3] QuickFeather Dev Kit with SensiML AI Analytics Toolkit,
[4] Sensi ML AutoML,
[5] SensiML Analytics Toolkit Suite, Products,
[6] SensiML Toolkit Documentation,
[7] SensiML Simple Streaming Interface,
[8] QuickLogic Open Reconfigurable Computing QORC-SDK documentation,
[9] SensiML Tutorials and Guides,
[10] SensiML Cloud Application,

QuickLogic QuickFeather Development Kit

SensiML Downloads

HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth RF Transceiver


GigaDevice Semiconductor |
Infineon Technologies |
mCube |
Quicklogic |
SensiML |

p.14: Hacking MCU Pins: Repurposing Peripherals, By Stuart Ball

[1] TI TM4C1233H6PM datasheet:
[2] “Build a Composite Video Text Terminal” (Circuit Cellar 356, March 2020)
[3] TI Tivaware library manual:

Texas Instruments |

p.20: Building a COVID Test Drone: Part 2: Building the System, By Andrei Florian

[1] NXP Hovergames drone kit
[7]  GitHub for COVIDTestDrone project
[8] Arduino MKR GSM 1400
[10]  Microsoft Azure IoT Central

Adafruit |
Arduino |
Arm |
Dronecode Foundation |
Fritzing |
Hologram |
MavLink |
Microsoft Azure |
NXP Semiconductors |
PX4 Autopilot |
QGroundControl |

p.34: COM Boards Enable Smart Warehouse Robots: Automated Assistants, By Dan Demers


congatec |

p.38: Connected Cars Drive Needs for Advanced Chip Solutions: MCUs, SoCs and More, By Jeff Child

Infineon Technologies |
Maxim Integrated |
Microchip |
NXP Semiconductor |
Renesas Electronics America |
STMicroelectronics |
Texas Instruments |

p.46: Technologies Enable Rich Features for Wearables: Big Challenges for Small Devices, By Jeff Child

AT&S |
B-Secur |
Infineon Technologies |
Maxim Integrated |
Nordic Semiconductor |
NXP Semiconductors |
Renesas Electronics |
STMicroelectronics |
Texas Instruments |
U-blox | www.u‑

p.52: DATASHEET: Open-Spec SBCs: Focus on Low Cost, By Jeff Child

[1]’s “Catalog of 150 open-spec, community-backed Linux SBCs under $200”

[2] “Machine Vision Random Number Generator: Using the Raspberry Pi” (Circuit Cellar 362, September 2020).

Orange Pi
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Orange Pi
Orange Pi
Raspberry Pi

p.56: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Build a CNC Pendant for Mach3: Controller Redesign, By Brian Millier

(Note: some of these reference numbers don’t match with what’s in the print article. We apologize for any confusion.)
[1]  “A Digital Amplifier for TVs” (Circuit Cellar 372, July 2021)
[2]  Rotary Encoder/Knob Assembly:
[3]  Mach3 CNC Software Tutorial:
[4]  Teensy 3.2 MCU Module:
[5]  2.2” TFT Touchscreen Display:
[6] Teensyduino add-on, available at
(This link is not immediately obvious on PJRC’s web-site’s main page.)

Adafruit |
Arduino |
Espressif Systems |
Geckodrive |
Microchip Technology |

p.63: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: AirTag Teardown and Security Analysis: Hacker vs. Tracker, By Colin O’Flynn

[1] “Low-Level Automotive ECU Security”—(Circuit Cellar 364, November 2020)  
[2] Sam Goldhear (iFixIt). “AirTag Teardown: Yeah, This Tracks.” 2021.
[3] Adam Catley. “Apple AirTag Reverse Engineering.” 2021.
[4] Colin O’Flynn. “Apple AirTag Teardown & Test Point Mapping.” 2021.
[5] LimitedResults. “nRF52 Debug Resurrection (APPROTECT Bypass).” 2020.
[6] “Recreating Code Protection Bypass” (Circuit Cellar 338, September 2018)
[7] Thomas Roth (‘stacksmashing’). “How the Apple AirTags were hacked.” 2021.
[8] Colin O’Flynn. “Fault Injection using Crowbars on Embedded Systems.” 2016.
[9] Lennert Wouter
[10] Willem Melching. “AirTag dumper.” 2021.
[11] “Attacking USB Gear with EMFI: Pitching a Glitch” (Circuit Cellar 346, May 2019)
[12] Jiska Classen, Alexander Heinrich. 2021. “Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey – What’s Really Inside Apple’s U1 Chip.”–whats-really-inside-apples-u-chip-23328
[13] “The Hardware Hacking Handbook” by Colin O’Flynn, published by with No Starch Press

NewAE Technology |
Nordic Semiconductor |
STMicrolectronics |

p.68: FROM THE BENCH: How Gun-Style IR Thermometers Work: Part 1: Foreheads and Fahrenheits, By Jeff Bachiochi

[1]  Applications flyer for medical thermometers
[2]  Cahyadi, Willy & Chung, Yeon-Ho & Ghassemlooy, Zabih & Bani Hassan, Navid. (2020). Optical Camera Communications: Principles, Modulations, Potential and Challenges. Electronics. 9. 1339. 10.3390/electronics9091339.
[3]  Application Note: SMBus communication with MLX90614
[4]  Application Note: Understanding MLX90614 on-chip digital signal filters
[5]  Demystifying Thermopile Sensors by T.K. Hareendran. Founder and promoter of TechNode Protolabz—an electronics R&D Lab
[6]  MLX90614 Data Sheet
Melexis |

p.79: The Future of Secure Encryption: Embedded Tech Enables Blockchain and Crypto, By Paul Golata


[2] Figure 1 source: whiteMocca/
[3] Figure 2 source: Andreanicolini/

Mouser Electronics |

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September (issue #374) Circuit Cellar

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