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October (issue #387) Circuit Cellar

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6: Extending Machine Instructions, How to Turn a Processor Temporarily into a Microprogrammed Control Unit, By Wolfgang Matthes


Intel |
MicroBlaze |
Motorola |
RISC-V International |
Zilog |

[1] Matthes, Wolfgang: Microprogramming Choices Explained (Part 1). Circuit Cellar, Issue 378, January 2022, p. 26-35.

[2] Matthes, Wolfgang: Microprogramming Choices Explained (Part 2). Circuit Cellar, Issue 379, February 2022, p. 22-32.

[3] Matthes, Wolfgang: Mikroprogrammierung. Prinzipien, Architekturen, Maschinen. ISBN 978-3-8325-5234-3. Logos, 2021.

German patent applications (All patents lapsed long ago.):
[4] Mikrorechneranordnung, vorzugsweise für den Einsatz in Multimikrorechnersystemen.
DE file number: DD 159 916 A1
Application number: 23096181
Application date: June 22, 1981
Microprocessor configuration, preferably for the application in multimicroprocessor systems.

[5] Speicheranordnung mit Fehlererkennungs- und Diagnoseeigenschaften, vorzugsweise für Mikrorechner
DE file number: DD 225 072 6
Application date: Nov 10, 1980

[6] Speicheranordnung mit Eingabe-/Ausgabeanschluß, vorzugsweise zum Einsatz in Multimikrorechnersystemen
DE file number: DD 272 021 6
Application date: Dec 28, 1984

[7] Mikrorechneranordnung mit erweiterten Steuerwirkungen
DE file number: DD 288 148 1
Application date: Mar 21, 1986

[8] Mikrorechneranordnung mit programmgesteuertem Interfaceanschluß
DE file number: DD 288 145 7
Application date: Mar 21, 1986

Attaching accelerators:
[9] Patel, Sanjay; Hwu, Wen-mei: Accelerator Architectures. IEEE Micro, July-August 2008, p. 4-12.

[10] MicroBlaze Processor Reference Guide UG 081. Xilinx, 2009.

[11] Rosinger, Hans-Peter: Connecting Customized IP to the MicroBlaze Soft Processor Using the Fast Simplex Link (FSL) Channel. Application Note XAPP529. Xilinx, 2004.

[12] Madinger, Noah: The Co-Processor Architecture: An Embedded System Architecture for Rapid Prototyping. DigiKey, 2022.

14: Interfacing with Video Game Controllers: How to Read Inputs, By Joseph Corleto

Atari |
Espressif |
Nintendo |
Raspberry Pi |
ESP32-S3-DevKitC Development board is created by Espressif. The development kit was purchased at Digikey.

[1] (Figure 1)
[2] (Figure 2)
[3] (Figure 3)
[4] (Figure 4)
[5] (Figure 5)
[6] (Figure 7)

Code and Supporting Files

20: Small-Scale Game of Life: Using PIC32, By Ian Kim Riley, David Wolfers, and Connor Thomas

Microchip Technology |
URL corresponding to QR code in Figure 10:
URL corresponding to QR code in Figure 11:

26: Repurposing Old Disk Drives For Rotary Encoders: Using a Teensy LC Microcontroller, By Brian Millier

Teensy LC Module |
STMicroelectronics |

Code and Supporting Files

32: 12th Gen Intel Core Processors on COM-HPC and COM Express Computer-on-Modules: First True Hybrid x86 Architecture Offers Quantum Core Count Leap, By Zeljko Loncaric

Congatec |
Intel |
Real-Time Systems |

36: A Comprehensive Introduction of TinyML (Part 4): Gesture Recognition on the Edge, By Dhairya Parikh

Edge Impulse documentation for Sony Spresense |
GitHub Repository |
Image2cpp |

42: Navigating the Smart Home Market: Efficieny and Security, By Sam Wallace

Amazon Alexa |
Apple Home |
Avnet |
Google Home |
Infineon Technologies |
iRobot |
Matter |
Microchip Technology |
NXP Semiconductors |
Open Thread |
Samsung |
Sensory Inc. |
STMicroelectronics |
Texas Instruments |
Thread |

48: Open ISA RISC-V: Cements Its Place in the Semiconductor Universe, By Stephen Vicinanza

Intel |
LeapFive Technology |
RISC-V International |
SiFive |

56: DATASHEET: Sensor ICs: Smaller, Faster, and More Powerful, By Sam Wallace

Allegro MicroSystems
Analog Devices Inc.
Monolithic Power Systems
Texas Instruments http://

60: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Debugging Embedded Real-Time Systems: Tools to Help Us Debug, By Bob Japenga

[1] For more information about ODT for PDP-11’s running RSX11M, check out the 1975 ODT manual ·
[2] Tag-connect products were a wonderful addition to almost all of our products for over 10 years.
[3] PuTTY is a great free terminal emulator giving you an SSH and telnet client. I would recommend it over all of the competitors.
[4] The JTAG specification has become an IEEE standard. You can purchase the standard here:
[5] We used STD bus products for over 20 years in a number of real-time machine control applications. See for more information.
[6] Although many years old, there is still a lot of wisdom in the pages of the 25th Anniversary Issue of Circuit Cellar

Tag-Connect |

64: START TO FINISH: Voltage Regulators, By Stuart Ball

Rohm application note on copper pad heatsinks:
Linear Technology switching regulator application note:
TI switching regulator application note:
TI LM2675 datasheet:

69: From the Bench: Don’t Touch That!: You Don’t Know Where It’s Been, By Jeff Bachiochi

Texas Instruments TSC2007 Touchscreen Controller,
Adafruit Resistive Touch screen – 3.7” Diagonal,
TSC2007 I2C Resistive Touch Screen Controller,

Code and Supporting Files

79: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Memory: The Time for ReRAM, By Eran Briman


Weebit Nano |

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