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November (issue #388) Circuit Cellar

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6: Detecting and Reporting Illegal Logging: Using an Arduino MKR FOX 1200 Microcontroller, By Andrei Florian

Arduino |
Power Bi |
Sigfox |

[1] World Bank estimates of global losses from illegal logging:
[2] UN Environment Programme estimates of illegal logging:
[3] Sigfox Coverage Map:
[4] Setting up an Azure account:
[5] Microsoft Azure Fundamentals:
[6] Sigfox Backend User Helpbook:
[7] Chainsaw sound effects:
[8] Power BI subscription:
[9] Microsoft 365 E5 account:


Component Provider Cost (€) 
Arduino MKR Fox 1200 Arduino 35.00
GPS Module Haljia 11.00
Antenna, GPS Pulse Larsen Antennas 15.68
Antenna, GSM Pulse Larsen Antennas 1.34
SparkFun Breadboard Power Supply Stick 5V/3.3V SparkFun 13.21
AA Batteries Generic 3.00
DFRobot Audio Analyzer Module DFRobot 16.00
SparkFun Electret Microphone Breakout SparkFun 7.10
Enclosure CNC/3D Print 10.00
Other Components (breadboard, wires) Generic 5.00
Total   129.33
The monthly cost of maintenance for a Senso device is about €3.50
(€3.00 for AA batteries and €0.50 for Sigfox backend costs).

Code and Supporting Files

18: Environmental Monitoring with a Raspberry Pi Pico W: Using MicroPython and Cloud Services, By Miguel Sánchez

Bosch Sensortec |
MicroPython |
Raspberry Pi |

[1] MicroPython firmware download:

Code and Supporting Files

24: Rebuild Ni-Cd Battery Packs for Power Tools: When the Battery No Longer Holds a Charge, Just Replace the Cells, By James Lyman

32: Build a Speech-Controlled, Sudoku-Solving Robot: Using a Raspberry Pi Microprocessor and Camera, By Arijit Das

RaspberryPi |
The project team’s YouTube channel |
The project team’s Facebook page |

[1] Demonstration of the sudoku-solving robot in action
[2] Website with links for downloading the Raspberry Pi Imager and OS Buster (Legacy).
[3] Geeksforgeeks, the source of the sudoku backtracking algorithm
[4] Complete code for our speech-controlled, sudoku-solving robot
[5] YouTube channel for the project team
[5] The project team’s Facebook page

Code and Supporting Files

42: Overcome the Automation “Flexibility Gap”: A Software-Based AI Approach to Robot Control, By Matt Jones

Micropsi Industries |

45: IoT and Smart Agriculture: Continuing the Green Revolution, By KC Prescott

Agrobot |
Corteva Agriscience |
Dogtooth Technologies |
Dragino |
Farmers Edge |
Naio Technologies |
Ripe Robotics |
Sentera |
Soil Scout Ltd. |
Trimble |

50: Datasheet: DC-DC Converters: Industry Specific Solutions, By Sam Wallace

Eaton 48V DC-DC Converter
Murata MYC0409
ROHM Semiconductor BD9S402MUF-C
TDK-Lambda PXD40
VPT, Inc. SGRB12028S
XP Power JMR03 3.5W

54: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Exploring RSA Power Analysis (Again): Capturing an RSA-1024 Power Trace in One Shot, By Colin O’Flynn

[1] ChipWhisperer Repository File:
[2] Full secret key from the ChipWhisperer Repository:
[3] MBED-TLS attack is in the ChipWhisperer Jupyter repositor:
ChipWhisperer-Husky Open-Source Code:

58: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: The Teensy Audio Station: Part 2 — The Digital Circuitry, By Brian Millier

Teensy 3.6 Arm MCU module:
ROB-14451 motor control module with TB6612FNG:
Adafruit 128X64 oLED display ID 4650:
Bourns PSM01-081A-103B2 Motorized slider pot
AT42QT1010 Touch Sensor:
Cakewalk by BandLab:

[1] Github link Mackie driver file written by MS McLeod:

65: From the Bench: Rainbow LEDs: Comparing Options, By Jeff Bachiochi

Adafruit |

Code and Supporting Files

79: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Asset Tracking: Improving Supply Chain Reliability with IoT Tracking, By Karthik Ranjan

EchoStar |
InfiSense |


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November (issue #388) Circuit Cellar

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