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November (issue #364) Circuit Cellar

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p.3: Input Voltage, by Jeff Child
NXP Semiconductor’s recently published whitepaper ”The Morals of Algorithms.”

p.6: Wearable for Self-Isolated COVID-19 Patients: SmartWristband, By Andrei Florian

List of all libraries used and the links to their GitHub repositories
MKRGSM Library –
RTCZero Library –
Arduino Bear SSL Library –
ArduinoECCX08 Library –
Arduino MQTT Client Library –
Arduino Low Power Library –
DFRobot Heartrate Library –

GitHub Repo

Arduino |
Hologram |
Microsoft |

p.16: Building a Smart Weather Cube: Using a Raspberry Pi 3B+, By Alberto Lopez Delgado and Carlos Gutierrez


[1] Pygame library:
[2] OpenWeatherMap API:
[3] Tutorial for detecting shapes and colors:
[4] Example code for serial UART communication:
[5] Files for the parts of the 3D-printed casing: 
[6] Code for controlling the LEDs (includes data transfer time chart): 
[7] AdafruitWS2812B spec sheet:
[8] The RGB color wheel:

Smart Weather Cube project video:

Adafruit |
Autodesk |
Microchip Technology |

p.24: Making a Retro Dumb Terminal: 8-bit Design for 8-bit Projects, By Brian B. Beard

[1] “Build a VGA Monitor Controller”, by Enoch Hwang. Circuit Cellar 172, November 2004

[2] Simco 150X75 case.×75-desktop-plastic-enclosure.html

Purchase the Retro Dumb-Terminal (RDT64) at:

KB1 user manual, PS/2 keyboard interface:

Timing details about standard VGA cards:

Lucid Technologies |
Maxim Integrated |
Microchip Technology |
Simco |

p.34: Stringless Bass Guitar Uses PIC32: Sensors and Synthesis, By Peter Cook, Jackson Kopitz, and Caitlin Stanton

“Inverting Schmitt Trigger Calculator.” Random Science Tools, 2018,
“Schmitt Trigger.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 8 Feb. 2020

Instructables. “Simple Arduino and HC-SR04 Example.” Instructables, 26 Oct. 2017

Bruce Land “Time Measurement and Control Plus Clock Generation. PIC32MX250F128B.” ECE4760 Timers PIC32, 2019

Bruce Land “Fixed Point DSP Functions in GCC.” DSP for GCC, 2013, EE476

Bruce Land “PIC32MX250F128B I/O Pin Details including Peripheral Pin Select and Configuration Bit Details.” PIC32 Details

Bruce Land “Development Boards, PIC32MX250F128B.” Dev Boards ECE4760, 2020

Julius O. Smith “The Karplus-Strong Algorithm.” The Karplus-Strong Algorithm, 2010

AirBass project video:

Adafruit |
Microchip Technology |
Sparkfun |

p.40: Technology Innovation Propels 5G Forward: Wireless World Reshuffles, By Jeff Child

Analog Devices |
Antenova |
Digi International |
Infineon Technologies |
Inseego |
Intel |
Marvell |
NXP Semiconductor |
Qorvo |
Qualcomm |
Renesas Electronics |
Wilson Electronics |
Xilinx |

p.48: Motion Control Solutions Target Industrial Systems: Chips and Modules, By Jeff Child

Advanced Motion Controls |
Elmo Motion Control |
Infineon Technologies |
Microchip Technology |
Renesas Electronics |
Trinamic Motion Control |

p.53: DATASHEET: Tiny Embedded Boards: Mini but Mighty, By Jeff Child

Exor Embedded
F&S Elektronik Systeme
Ka-Ro Electronics
Keith & Koep


Exor Embedded

F&S Elektronik Systeme

Ka-Ro Electronics

Keith & Koep



p.56: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Low-Level Automotive ECU Security: Vehicle Vulnerabilities, By Colin O’Flynn



[2] “BAM BAM!! On Reliability of EMFI for in-situ Automotive ECU Attacks” by Colin O’Flynn

NewAE Technology |
NXP Semiconductors |

p.60: FROM THE BENCH: Voltage Regulators: Beat the Heat, By Jeff Bachiochi

Figure 5 and Figure 7

Monolithic Power Systems |
Murata Power Solutions |
STMicroelectronics |
Texas Instruments |
Traco Power |
Würth Elektronik |
XP Power |

p.68: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: A Multipurpose Signal Generator: Using the ESP32, By Brian Millier

The Full Schematic and the Software for this project is available for download from the Circuit Cellar article code and files webpage.


Instructions for adding the ESP32 core to the Arduino IDE using the Arduino’s board manage function can be found here:

Silicon Labs Si5351A :

Si5351A    Source code for high-resolution Si5351 operation:
ConnectEVE FT800 display:

Texas Instruments INA128 Instrumentation amplifier:

PT8211 I2S DAC:

Burr-Brown Digital-to-Analog Converter DAC7611U

Texas Instruments DCP010512DBP-U DC/DC bipolar power module

Adafruit |
Espressif Systems |
Microchip Technology |
MikroElektronika |
NXP Semiconductors |
Princeton Technology |
Silicon Labs |
Texas Instruments |

p.79 The Future of IP Protection:  Security from Inception: Why IP Protection is Essential, By Stefan Skarin

IAR Systems |

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November (issue #364) Circuit Cellar

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