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November (issue #328) Circuit Cellar Article Materials

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p. 6 : Simulating a Hammond Tonewheel Organ (Part 1), By Brian Millier

Teensy 3.5 Development board:
Teensy Audio Library:
Teensy Audio System Design Tool software:
Technical aspects of the Hammond Organ:

p.16 : Using Power Audio Amplifiers in Untypical Ways (Part 2), By Petre Tzv Petrov

STMicroelectronics –
Texas Instruments –

p. 24 : Machine Auto-Sorts Resistors, By Brian Gross, Nathan Lambert, Alex Parkhurst

Adafruit, “Mini Push-Pull Solenoid – 5V,” :
B. Land, “Protothreads,” Cornell Univ.  ECE 4760, 11/2016
B. Land, “Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU),” Cornell Univ. ECE 4760, 8/2015
Microchip, “PIC32MX2XX Datasheet,” 2015
Microchip, “PIC32 Family Reference Manual,” 2011
Microchip, “MPLAB XC32 C/C++ Compiler User’s Guide,” 2012
ServoDatabase, “Futaba s3003 – Servo Standard,” 2017
Texas Instruments, “ULN200x, ULQ200x High-Voltage, High-Current Darlington Transistor Arrays,” 1/2016
Toshiba, “2SK4017 Field Effect Transistor,” 9/2009

Parts List:

Part                                                     Quantity
PF35T-48L4 Stepper Motor                    1
ULN2003A Transistor Array                    1
Copper Tape                                           3 in.
S3003 Servo                                           1
Adafruit Mini Solenoid                              1
2STK4017 MOSFET                               1
Power Resistors                                     2
10 turn Potentiometer                             1
PLA 3D Printing Filament                     N/A
Microstick II                                             1
Adafruit 2.2” TFT Display                        1
External 5v Power Supply                       1
PIC32 ( PIC32MX250F128B)                  1
Misc. Resistors/Wire/Pushbuttons       N/A

p. 30 : Logger Device Tracks Amp Hours (Part 2), By William Wachsmann

Raspberry Pi Foundation –
The Pi Hut –

As mentioned in the article, the spreadsheet file SteelShed.xls is include with the article’s code on Circuit Cellar’s Article Code & Files FTP page.

p.50 : Power Analysis Attack on RSA,  By Colin O’Flynn

How does RSA Work? –
Kid-RSA –
Example Traces –
Complete RSA Breaking Tutorial B11 –

p.56: Negative Feedback in Electronics, By George Novacek

[1] Jerald G., Graeme, Applications of Operational Amplifiers, McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0-07-023890-1
[2] Op Amps For Everyone by Ron Mancini, Texas Instruments, 8/2002, SLOD006B
[3] George Novacek “Automatic Control” Circuit Cellar 322 through 325
[4] Linear Technology LTSpice IV

p,60: LF Quartz Resonator Tester, By Ed Nisley

Background columns:
Circuit Cellar May 2017­ “WWVB Reception vs. SDR Hardware”
Circuit Cellar July 2017­ “LF Quartz  Resonators”
Circuit Cellar Sept 2017­ “Numeric Precision vs. DDS Calculations”

Analog Devices AD9850 DDS
Analog Devices AD8310 Logarithmic Amplifier

AD8310 module modifications:

QEX Jan/Feb 2016: Chuck Adams K7QO, Crystal Parameter Measurement Simplified

p.68 : Gas Monitoring and Sensing (Part 2), By Jeff Bachiochi


Gas Sensors – Inexpensive Gas Sensor with 4-wire carrier PCBs
Marlin P. Jones & Assoc.
8380 Resource Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33404

Arduino Mega – The Arduino MEGA 2560 w/54 digital I/O pins and 16 analog inputs

How to choose A Gas Sensor – Typical concentration rages for a number of popular sensors

WebPlotDigitizer  by Ankit Rohatgi

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November (issue #328) Circuit Cellar Article Materials

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