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May (issue #382) Circuit Cellar

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6: Drone Captures 3D Building Model: The PANTHER I Project, By Benjamin Jackson, Job Matthew Yap, Kipling Dickie, Arman Espallardo, and Jaden Prigione

Code Files

[1] ESP 32. (2021, 12 13). (ESPRESSIF)
[2] Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Specifications. (2021, 12 13). (GoPro)
[3] jpbudsman. (2019). Gopro 9 Remote Control using Bluetooth (BLE). GARMIN:

Adafruit |
AliceVision |
Bitfab |
Drone Safety (Government of Canada) |
ElectroRules |
Open Go Pro |
Unity |

18: Build a USB-C Power Supply: Plug-In Power, By Andrew Levido

[1]  USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) |

STMicroelectronics |
Texas Instruments |
Analog Devices |
Total Phase |

26: Custom Power Converters for an Electric Vehicle: Cornell EV Team Design, By Eric Kahn

Datasheet: Texas Instruments LM5085/-Q1 75-V Constant On-Time PFET Buck Switching Controller |
Datasheet: Texas Instruments SOT 23 Step Down Controller |
Datasheet: Texas Instruments LM5116 Wide Range Synchronous Buck Controller |
Digi-Key Electronics |
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. |

32: Raspberry Pi Rescue Robot: The Scouting Owl Project, By Robby Huang and Parth Sarthi Sharma

Code Files

Processing for Android |
Raspberry Pi Thermal Camera Sensor×8-thermal-camera-sensor/raspberry-pi-thermal-camera
Using a Raspberry Pi Distance Sensor (Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04)
USB Audio Cards with a Raspberry Pi: Recording Audio
Raspberry Pi Documentation
Introduction to Raspberry Pi:
Python Programming Tutorial: Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi
Cornell ECE5725 Project: Rescue Robot – Scouting Owl

38: Advances in Railway Systems: The Importance of Embedded Technologies for Modern Railway Systems, By Al Mahmud Al Mamun

ADLink |
Hitachi |
Nevomo |
Otiv |
Siemens |
Voestalpine |
Wavebreaker |

50: Datasheet: Mini-ITX and Pico-ITX SBCs: Picking Up Mixed Signals, By Al Mahmud Al Mamun

Datasheet URLs:

54: Building a Touchscreen Display: Using a Bridgetek BT81x, By Brian Millier

Code Files

[1] Download driver files for the EVE2-USB2SPI board:

Matrix Orbital EVE3-50G-IPS 5” Display module with capacitive touchscreen:
Matrix Orbital EVE2-USB2SPI-KIT-A:
Matrix Orbital EVE-SPI2BBC breakout module:

64: Embedded System Essentials: Taking a Look at RISC-V Power Analysis, By Colin O’Flynn

NEORV32 Main Project |
neorv32-setups Project |
ChipWhisperer Main Software|
MINGW-Packages for EDA |
NewAE |

68: Hand Gesture Detection: Using Broadcom’s APDS-9960, By Jeff Bachiochi

Code Files

APDS-9960 – Digital Proximity, Ambient Light, RGB and Gesture Sensor

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May (issue #382) Circuit Cellar

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