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May (issue #346) Circuit Cellar

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p.6: Capacitive vs. Inductive Sensing: Touch Trade-Offs, By Nishant Mittal

[1] (Ref:
[2] Cypress’ Inductive Sensing Evaluation Kit product page
[3] Inductive Sensing Design  
[4] CapSense Design Guide

Cypress Semiconductor |

p.10: PIC32 Tames Real-Time Stock Monitoring: Market Matador, By David Valley
and Saelig Khattar

[1] A. Dunkels, “Protothreads”
[2] B. Land, “TFT_KEY_expander_shift_BRL4.c,” Cornell University.
[3] B. Land, “Cornell University ECE4760 Uart Serial,” Cornell University.


ITEM Manufacturer
ESP-8266 WiFi Module by Sparkfun – 1568-1235-ND Digikey reference Sparkfun
Development Board Sean Carroll
Breadboard Generic
Power Supply Generic
PIC32MX250F128B Microchip
TFT LCD Adafruit
Keypad Generic 12-key

Sean Carroll’s PIC32 development Boards

“ESP8266 Module (WRL-13678) Datasheet,” Sparkfun Electronics.

Rudinskiy, “Wi-Fi Communication Using ESP8266 & PIC32,”
Cornell University, 2014.

“PIC32 Family Reference Manual – Section 21. UART,” Microchip.

“Socket Programming HOWTO,” Python Software Foundation, 2018.

Espressif Systems |
Microchip Technology |
SparkFun |

p.16: Transistor Basics: And Their Role Today, By Stuart Ball

The On Semiconductor specification for the 2N3904 used as an example in this article can be found at

The On Semiconductor specification for the 2N3906, complementary to the 2N3904 can be found at:

The On Semiconductor specification for the 2N7000 is at:

On Semiconductor |
Texas Instruments |
Vishay |

p. 24: Robotic Arm Plays Beer Pong: Using PIC32s and IMUs, By Daniel Fayad,
Justin Choi and Harrison Hyundong Chang

[1] Sean Carroll. The Small Board, Nov 2016
[2] Sean Carroll. The Big Board, Nov 2016  
[3] Caulley, Desmond; Nehoran, Nadav; Zhao, Sherry. Self-balancing Robot. Dec 2015
[4] M. Nowicki, J. Wietrzykowski, and P. Skrzypczynski, “Simplicity or flexibility? Complementary Filter vs. EKF for orientation estimation on mobile devices,” 2015 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Cybernetics (CYBCONF), 2015.

Parts List:

Robotic Arm:
● Microcontroller: PIC32MX250F128B
● Servo Motors: SG90 (x3)
● RF: XBEE S2 (not used)

● Microcontroller: PIC32MX250F128B
● IMU: MPU6050
● Force Sensor: Pololu 2128260
● RF: XBEE S2 (not used)

Digi International |
Microchip Technology |
TDK InvenSense |

Here is the YouTube video of the project:

p.30: Digital Signage Technologies Gain Momentum: System Solutions,
          By Jeff Child

Advantech |
Axiomtek |
Ibase Technology |
Intel |
Logic Supply |

p.36: Code Analysis Tools Up Their Game: Quest for Code Quality, By Jeff Child

AdaCore |
GrammaTech |
Green Hills Software |
IAR Systems |
Segger Microcontroller |

p.40: PRODUCT FOCUS PC/104 Boards: Legacy That Stacks Up, By Jeff Child

ADL Embedded Solutions |
ADLINK Technology |
Advantech |
Diamond Systems |
RTD Embedded Technologies |
Sundance Multiprocessor Technology |
Versalogic |
Winsystems |

            Pitching a Glitch, By Colin O’Flynn

Sources for Trezor at If you want to follow this article, be sure to select the “v1.7.3” tag on GitHub.

Great Scott Gadgets |
Microchip Technology |
NewAE Technology |
STMicroelectronics |
Total Phase |
Trezor |
Yepkit |

p.52: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Pressure Sensors: Terminologies and
           TechnologiesBy George Novacek

[1] Adafruit Industries Barometric Pressure/Temperature Sensor
[2] Accelerometers Revisited George Novacek, Circuit Cellar # 334, May 2018
[3] SparkFun Pressure Sensor MS5637

Pressure Sensors, Wikipedia

Adafruit |
NXP Semiconductors |
Sparkfun |

p.56: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Fancy Filtering with the Teensy 3.6:
              Arm-ed for DSP, By Brian Millier

[1] “The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing”, Stephen W Smith, Ph.D. :
[2] TFilter- online FIR filter design:
[3] Author’s Github Site for this project:

Teensy Audio Library Design Tool:

Teensy 3.6 Arm MCU module, Teensy Audio Shield:

SGTL5000 Codec:

Frank’s Teensy SDR project:

NXP Semiconductors |

p.68: FROM THE BENCH: An Itty Bitty Education: STEM at Home, By Jeff Bachiochi

Itty Bitty Buggy                   Microduino’s newest STEM educational toy
Microduino Inc.

E-Switch, Inc.
SS0750301F015V1A           SS Series Sub-Miniature Snap Action Switches

Microduino |
E-Switch |

p.79: The Future of Safe Programming: How Programming Languages Evolve to
             Reduce Risks, By Quentin Ochem


AdaCore |

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