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May (issue #334) Circuit Cellar

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p. 6: Temperature Logger Uses Raspberry Pi: Sensor and Software Challenges, By Nick Boers

Bus buffer datasheet:
Temperature sensor datasheet:
Analog-digital converter datasheet:
DC-DC converter datasheet:
LCD display datasheet:

Newhaven Display |
Adafruit |
Diodes Incorporated |
Microchip Technology |

p 12: Obsolescence-Proof Your UI (Part 2): Web Server Strategy, By Steve Hendrix

Definition of “Wedged”:  A “wedge” is an older technique, less commonly used today, whereby a programmer would add functionality to an existing program (often a device driver) by inserting a call to his custom function in the middle of that existing program. In this way, he could leverage the work already done in the device driver, but add a new function. As an example, I inserted a wedge in the keyboard driver of my very first PC, an Ohio Scientific Superboard II, to remap the keyboard to the Dvorak arrangement. In much the same way, this “wedge” deflects your attention from the mainline text to add a bit of functionality!

Jeff Bachiochi, “Serving Up HTML”, Circuit Cellar, June 2016 / July 2016
Microchip, “TCPIP Stack Help.chm”, provided with the downloadable TCP/IP stack
Steve Hendrix, “Personal Solar Power Setup”, Circuit Cellar, July 2014 / August 2014

HTML Elements:
HPGL tools:
Announcement monitor:

Angry IP Scanner |
Digi-Key |
Microchip |

p. 18: Device Silences TV Commercials: Arduino-Controlled Solution,
By Tommy Tyler

AliExpress: YurKuong Shenzhen YK Remote Control Store

Parts List:
Item                      Description                                      Quantity       DigiKey Part #   
R10, R30              Resistor, 1/4W, 10K 5%                            2        CF14JT10K0CT-ND
R20                       Resistor, 1/4W, 1K 5%                              1        CF14JT1K00CT-ND
LED10                  BLUE LED, 4.8MM                                     1        VAOL-5LSBY2-ND
LED20                  RED LED, 5MM                                          1        67-1105-ND
U10                       IC, SPST CMOS sw/TS12A4514               1         296-21908-5-ND
XU10                     IC Socket, 8-pin                                          1        AE9986-ND
S10, S20               Switch, Tactile, SPST-NO                          2        450-1647-ND
UHF Module          Shenzhen YK Remote Control                   1         (See text)
IR Module              Chunghop Learning Remote Control         1         (See text)
Timer Module        Trinket Mini MCU Board, 3.3V                     1         1528-1020-ND
Enclosure              Bud Utilibox CU-1941                                 1         377-2068-ND

Adafruit |
Chunghop |
Digi-Key |
Microchip Technology |
Oshpark |

p. 26: Exploring the Benefits of eFPGAs: FPGAs Used as IP Blocks, By Geoff Tate

Flex Logix Technologies |

p.32: Drones Embrace a Variety of Video Solutions: Eyes in the Skies, By Jeff Child

Ambarella |
FLIR Systems |
Lucint Systems |
Overwatch Imaging |
Rajant |
Sightline Applications |
Silvus Technologies |
Visual Intelligence |

p.40: Quick Prototyping Solutions: PCB Makers Up Their Game, By Jeff Child

Accutrace |
Advanced Circuits |
AP Circuits |
Beta Layout |
Custom Circuit Boards |
Epec |
Imagineering |
MacroFab |
OurPCB |
PCB Unlimited |
Screaming Circuits |
Sierra Circuits |
SlingShot Assembly |

p. 50: The Populist Side-Channel Attack: An Overview of Spectre, By Colin O’Flynn

Paul Kocher, Daniel Genkin, Daniel Gruss, Werner Haas, Mike Hamburg, Moritz Lipp, Stefan Mangard, Thomas Prescher, Michael Schwarz, Yuval Yarom. “Spectre Attacks: Exploiting Speculative Execution”. See for paper & demos.

Daniel J. Berstein. “Cache-timing attacks on AES”.

Microchip Technology |

p. 54: Stepper Motor Back EMF: Supply Voltage vs. Current Control, By Ed Nisley

Background columns:
March 2018 Circuit Circuit issue 332: Stepper Motor Waveforms

Background blog posts:
MPCNC assembly:

Mostly Printed CNC:
Protoneer Arduino CNC Shield v3:
GRBL G-code firmware:

Resources: |
Tektronix |
V1 Engineering |

p. 61: Accelerometers Revisited: MEMS and More, By George Novacek

March 2018 Circuit Circuit issue 332: Measuring Acceleration

Choosing Most Suitable MEMS Accelerometer 1
Choosing Most Suitable MEMS Accelerometer 2
Introduction to MEMS vibration Monitoring

Analog Devices |
SparkFunElectronics |

p. 66: Wireless Charging: Electric Field of Dreams, By Jeff Bachiochi

WPC- Wireless Power Consortium:
Qi specifications V1.2.2 :
A4WP -Alliance For Wireless Power
PMA – Power Matters Alliance

Adafruit Qi Wireless Charging Transmitter –
Adafruit Qi Wireless Receiver Module –
Texas Instruments: bq51013B – Highly Integrated Wireless Receiver Qi (WPC v1.1) Compliant Power Supply
ST Microelectronics: STC4054  800mA Standalone linear Li-Ion Battery Charger with thermal regulation
Recom Power: REE-0505S     –           1W DC/DC-Converter
RKZ-0505S     –           2W DC/DC-Converter
RKZ3-0505S  –           3W DC/DC-Converter

Adafruit |
STMicrolectronics |
Texas Instruments |

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