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March (issue #404) Circuit Cellar

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4: Create 3D Models of Components and Board Outlines in KiCad: Using the CadQuery Library for Python, By Matthew Oppenheim

KiCad |

[6] partdetail/Xinyangze-YZ08015063P02/C5157301

Code and Supporting Files

10: Audio Player Using the RP2040, By Andrew Levido

Raspberry Pi |

[1] SGTL5000 | Ultra-Low-Power Audio Codec:
[2] ST7786V Display Driver:
[3] RP2040 Data Sheet:
[4] Simplified Specifications | SD Association November 24, 2020.

Code and Supporting Files

17: Silicon Integrated Circuit Manufacturing:  Part 1: Making the Chips That Make Electronics Possible, By Faiz Rahman, PhD

Applied Materials |

[1] Shin-Etsu Silicon Wafers:
[2] Lam Research:

22: Build a Universal Infrared Remote: Using a Raspberry Pi Pico with an LCD Screen and SD Card, By Owen Louis and Liam Sweeney

Adafruit |
Raspberry Pi |

[1] SD Card Breakout Board:
[2] LCD Screen:
[3] Protothread Library:
[4] LCD Screen C Library:
[5] SD Card C Library:
[6] Video of universal IR remote implemented on RP2040:

AA Battery Holder:
Infrared LED:
Infrared Receiver:

Code and Supporting Files

28: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: Robotics in Manufacturing: Apocalypse Now?, By Michael Lynes

Rapid Robotics |
Thor |
Versabuilt Robotics |

[1] “The Hollow Men,” T.S. Eliot (Source:
[2] Boston Dynamics’ Spot Arm (scary):
[3] Boston Dynamics’ Atlas (also scary):
[4] Boston Dynamics’ PETMAN (OG scary):
[5] Boston Dynamics’ Atlas dance routine:
[6] Stretch (not so scary):
[7] Amazon Labor Issues:
[8] Three Laws of Robotics:
[9] Joseph Engelberger, the Father of Robotics:,engineer%20and%20inventor%20George%20C
[10] George Devol:
[11] Unimation robot:
[12] Tesla FSD:
[13] ABB Ltd:*jyb1v7*_ga*MTI1MDI0NTQ0My4xNzA1NDE1MjMx*_
[14] Kaleido:
[15] Thor Arm video:
[16] Improve human-robot collaboration with GhostAR—Arduino:
[17] Tesla Optimus demo video:
[18] HydraNet Tesla:

34: DATASHEET: 32-Bit Microcontrollers: ARM Yourself with The Newest MCUs, By Sam Wallace

Analog Devices MAX32690:
Infineon TRAVEO T2G Automotive MCU:
Microchip PIC32CZ CA80/CA90:
Nuvoton NUC1263:–DS_NUC1263_Series_EN_Rev1.01.pdf
Renesas RA4M1:
Silicon Labs EFM32 Gecko:
STMicroelectronics STM32L053x6/8:
Texas Instruments Tiva TM4C123GE6PM:

38: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Particle IoT Platform Update: Part 2, By Brian Millier 

DFRobot |
Particle |

[1] Brian Millier, “GUI-O: A “Virtual” Front Panel For ESP32 Projects.” Circuit Cellar 389, December 2022.
[2] App Inventor Particle Photon Test on GitHub:
[3] Brian Millier, “PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Particle IoT Platform Update: Part 1.” Circuit Cellar 402, January 2024.
[4] DFRobot ESP32-C3 Beetle module (DFR0868):
[5] DFRobot DFR0478 FireBeetle:
[6] Pulse Electronics W3334B0100 External Bluetooth Antenna:
[7] Particle Tools—Particle Docs:
[8] Brian Millier, “PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Easing into the IoT Cloud (Part 2): Modules in Action.” Circuit Cellar 342, January 2019.

Code and Supporting Files

48: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: It’s About Time: When Timing Attacks Reveal Power Usage, By Colin O’Flynn

NewAE Technology |

[1] Embedded System Essentials GitHub:

52: FROM THE BENCH: 3-Axis Digital Compass IC Modules: Making Sense from Confusion, By Jeff Bachiochi

[1] Shift in magnetic north pole (yearly position, 1590-2020).
[2] Jeff Bachiochi, “Location Notification: A Look at Anisotropic Magnetoresistance Sensors.” Circuit Cellar 227, June 2009.
[3] Tronics Bench, “3 Axis Magnetometer Tilt Compensation.”
[4] Jim Remington, “Correcting the Balboa Magnetometer.”

Code and Supporting Files

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of RF Systems: RFSoC System on Modules: Powering Satellite Communication, MIMO Deployments, and 5G Infrastructure, By Saira Banu

iWave Systems |

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March (issue #404) Circuit Cellar

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