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March (issue #392) Circuit Cellar

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4: Bicycle Light Using ANT+ Protocol: Tail Light Control via Garmin Navigator, By Carlo Tauraso

[1] Carlos Tauraso, “Sports Wearable Uses ANT+ Protocol” Circuit Cellar 377, December 2021.
[2] ANT+ configuration parameters:
[3] ANT+ Device Profiles:

Nordic Semiconductor |
Sketchup |

Garmin GPSMAP 64st:
Garmin VIRB Action CAM Remote Control:

Code and Supporting Files

12: Autonomous Beach Cleaning Robot: A High-Level Overview, By Angela Loh

Cornell Nexus |
Raspberry Pi |

18: The Compass Bot: Or: How to Give Your Robot a Sense of Direction, By Chris Cantrell

[1] Amazon link for Emo Smart Robot Car Chassis:
[2] Amazon link for HiLetgo GY-511 compass module:
[3] Cytron Technologies Maker Pi RP2040 robot controller:
[4] Install the Mu Code Editor:
[5] Adafruit guide for compass module:
[6] Github repo for this project:
[7] Magnetometer Errors and Calibration:
[8] Fierce Electronics—Compensating for Tilt, Hard-Iron, and Soft-Iron Effects:
[9] How to Calibrate a Magnetometer:
[10] Wheel encoders for the robot chassis:

HiLetgo |
Raspberry Pi |

Code and Supporting Files

24: Smart Home Without the Cloud: Ultimate Control Using Raspberry Pi, By Dev Gualtieri

[1] GitHub page for python-kasa,
[2] Raspberry Pi OS web page,

Kasa Smart |

Code and Supporting Files

32: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: PCB Design and Prototyping, By Michael Lynes

[1] Adafruit:
[2] Vero Boards (strip/perf boards):
[3] Voltera V-1:\
[4] Nano Dimension: Dragonfly
[5] BotFactory: Squink & SV2
[6] Millenium Circuits Limited:
[7] Screaming Circuits:
[8] SlingShot:
[9] RayMing PCB:
[10] Voltera Store:

38: DATASHEET: DSPs & DSCs: High-Performance Chips for Digital Signal Processing and Control, By Sam Wallace

Analog Devices ADSP-SC592:
Analog Devices ADSP-21562:
Knowles IA8201:
Microchip dsPIC33CH128MP508:
NXP Semiconductors MC56F80xxx:
NXP Semiconductors MSC8256:
Texas Instruments TDA4VM:
Texas Instruments DRA78x:
XMOS VocalFusion XVF3610:

42: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: A Power Consumption Monitor for IoT Boards: Using a Teensy 4.1 MCU, High-Side Current Monitors, and ADCs, By Brian Millier

ZXCT1009 High-Side Current Monitor (Diodes Incorporated)
STMPS2151 High-Side Switch (ST Microelectronics)
Teensy 4.1 ARM MCU board (PJRC)
ADS1115 Analog-to-digital converter (Universal-Solder)

Analog Devices |
Diodes Incorporated |
Espressif |
RECOM Power |

Code and Supporting Files

52: FROM THE BENCH: Seeing Through the Fog: Using BLE Advertisement to Determine Location, By Jeff Bachiochi

[1] Bluetooth Core Specification 4.0:
[2] “Everything you need to know about Bluetooth LE Advertising”:
[3] The standard BLE advertising packet:
[4] Assigned Numbers:

Espressif |

Code and Supporting Files

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Supply Chain Management: Weathering High Jet Fuel Prices: Three Questions to Ask Your Supply Chain Partner, By Doug Adams & Peggy Carrieres

[1] Updated information related to average jet fuel prices can be found here:

Avnet |

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March (issue #392) Circuit Cellar

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