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March (issue #332) Circuit Cellar Article Materials

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p. 6: Exploring the ESP32’s Peripheral Blocks: For IoT or Home Control, By Brian Millier

ESP32 Technical Reference Manual-  Espressif’s site:
Kolban’s Book on ESP32- Leanpub’s website:

Bourns |
Espressif Systems |
Maxim Integrated |
Princeton Technology Corp. |

p 16: Posture Corrector Leverages Bluetooth: App-Controlled Wearable, By Rohit Jha, Erissa Irani and Amanda Pustis

[1] R. Cocco, “Fix the Posture”, 2011
[2] “Android- Bluetooth”, TutorialsPoint, 2017
[3] “Implementing a while loop in android”, StackOverflow, 2011
[4] B. Land, “Cornell University ECE4760; ProtoThreads and Timers; PIC32MX250F128B”, Cornell University, Nov 2016
[5] ISO 10993-10:2010: Biological evaluation of medical devices — Part 10: Tests for irritation and skin sensitization, International Organization for Standardization, Aug. 2010
[6] ISO 13732-1:2006: Ergonomics of the thermal environment — Methods for the assessment of human responses to contact with surfaces — Part 1: Hot surfaces, International Organization for Standardization, Sept. 2009
[7]ISO/TC 108/SC 4: Human exposure to mechanical vibration and shock, International Organization for Standardization, 1980

4.5 inch Flex Sensor        SparkFun Electronics |
Parallax Vibration Motor               Adafruit Industries |
PIC32MX250F128B Microcontroller          Microchip Technology |
HC-05 Bluetooth Module              Gikfun |

Texas Instruments |

p. 22: Apartment Entry System Uses PIC32: Smart Buzzer Scheme, By Joseph Featherston

[1] “How to Build a Microphone Amplifier Circuit.”
[2] “Learn Morse Code.”

Mathworks |
Microchip Technology |

 p. 30 : Designing a Home Cleaning Robot (Part 4): Firmware Design, By Nishant Mittal and Vaisakh KV

Check out these videos covering the entire project:

Getting started with PSoC 4 BLE:


Getting started with PSoC Microcontroller:

IR Sensor module: On Amazon

Cypress Semiconductor |

p. 36: IoT: From Device to Gateway: Modules for the Edge, By Jeff Child

Device Solutions |
Digi |
IAR Systems |
Nordic Semiconductor |
NXP Semiconductor |
Rigado |
STMicrolectronics |
Telit |
U-blox |

p. 42: Software Tools Flex Their Code Analysis Muscles: Complexity and Quality Collide, By Jeff Child

GrammaTech |
Green Hills Software |
IAR Systems |
Lauterbach |

p. 50:  Pick and Place Made Easier: Open-Source Tool Project, By Colin O’Flynn

Colin’s open-source tool “MeatBag Pick-n-Place” is available as a Python project at Github  .

ECIA EIGP 114.00:

Altium |
Digi-Key |
Mouser Electronics |

p. 54:  Measuring Acceleration, By George Novacek

[1} Halit Eren “Acceleration, Vibration and Shock Measurement.
[2] Acceleration calculator
[3] George Novacek, Circuit Cellar Issues 315 (October 2016) and 317 (December 2016)
[4] Sparkfun LIS3DH accelerator breakout board
[5] Acceleration Measurement Using the Laser Doppler Technique

p. 58: Stepper Motor Waveforms: A Journey in Microsteps, By Ed Nisley

Background columns:
Stepper Failure, Circuit Cellar 191 (June 2006)
Stepper Motor Basics (editing errors turned “rev” into “reversals”) Circuit Cellar 253 (August 2011)
Stepper Motor Microstepping Circuit Cellar 255 (October 2011)
Stepper Motor Torque Circuit Cellar 257 (December 2011)

Background blog posts:
MPCNC assembly
Endstop mounts
3D printed board holders

Mostly Printed CNC:
RAMPS 1.4 board:
Arduino CNC Shield v3:
Marlin firmware:
GRBL G-code firmware:

V1 Engineering |

p. 66 : Texting and IoT Embedded Devices (Part 1): Fun with the ESP8266 SoC,
By Jeff Bachiochi

Jeff’s Arduino IDE has been updated for the ESP8266. The instructions  using the instructions found at Jeff has chosen the ‘Generic ESP8266 Module from the IDE’s ‘Tools/Board/’ pull down menu.

There are modules available that contain both the FTDI chip and the ESP. Here for some possibilities

ESP8266 Community Forum at for more information on how to install the support onto your Arduino IDE.

ESP8266 Community Wiki at for more information on ESP8266 modules.

Espressif Systems |
FTDI Chip |
NodeMcu |

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March (issue #332) Circuit Cellar Article Materials

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