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June (issue #407) Circuit Cellar

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4: Experimenting with 1000BASE-T1, By David Smart

Microchip |
Molex |
Texas Instruments (TI) |

[1] [][2] [][3] [][4] [][5] []

Intel |
Marvell |
Broadcom |
Intersil (now Renesas) |
Chrysler |
SAE J1939 |
ISO 11783 |

12: No Blues with Bluetooth! Part 2: The Thousand-Foot Picture, By Robert Lacoste

[1] Wikipedia—List of Bluetooth profiles:
[2] Bluetooth specifications:
[3] “A Comprehensive Guide to Analyzing Bluetooth Low Energy Snoop Dumps on Android via Wireshark”, Shubham Kumar Gupta, Stackademic, Shubham Kumar Gupta
[4] “Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy”, Kevin Townsend, O’Reilly Media, ISBN 978-1491949511
[5] “Bluetooth Low Energy, The Developer’s Handbook”, Robin Heydon, Pearson, ISBN 978-0132888363

Bluetooth |

18: Controlling a CNC Machine using an ESP32 and FluidNC, By Brian Millier

DF Robot |
Geckodrive |
Espressif Systems |
Raspberry Pi |
grblHAL Github site:
grblHAL Web Builder site:
FluidNC Github site:
FluidNC Wiki:
Geckodrive G540 Stepper motor controller:
ESP32 Datasheet:
DF Robot DFR0478 Dev. board:
Raspberry Pi Pico board:

Code and Supporting Files

30: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in System Design: AI-AI-AI-AI-AI…, By Michael Lynes

8Base |
Collimator |
Galileo AI |
Outsystems |
TopAI.Tools |

[1] “The Tragic Life of Clippy. . .” –
[2] Google SGE:
[3] SGE is not the Answer:
[4] End-to-End Learning:
[5] Convolutional Neural Networks:
[6] “I, Robot”, Azimov, Isaac, A:,_Robot
[7] University of Miami – Novel Solutions using AI:
[8] Harvard Business Review: How Generative AI Can Augment Human Creativity –
[9] Top AI System Design Tools:
[10] Outsystems AI App Development:
[11] Gees:
[12] IBM: –
[13] Google Cloud: AI and Machine Learning –
Vertex AI Platform:
Gemini Code Assist:
[14] 8Base – Archie AI:
[15] Collimator: System Design software for Engineers –
[16] Galileo AI – UI Design:

36: DATASHEET: AC-DC Power Supplies: You’ll Be Thunderstruck, By Sam Wallace

Advanced Energy ARTESYN CONFIGURABLE NeoPower:
Aimtec AMESP1000-MNZ:
TRACO POWER TMPW 50 Series, 50 Watt:
XP Power EHL05:

40: START TO FINISH: Barometric Pressure Sensors: Measuring Pressure in Embedded Systems, By Stuart Ball

Infenion |
Texas Instruments |
TI TM4C1233H6PM microcontroller: product page:

[1]  Circuit Cellar, Dec. 2023 issue #401
[2] Circuit Cellar, April 2022, #393
[3] Infineon KP236 datasheet:

Code and Supporting Files

46: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: React Native Ecosystems, By Bob Japenga

[1] Wikipedia has a good article on Brief.
[2] By ecosystem, I am referring to the array of organizations all working towards the same goal of supporting a particular platform.
[3] Android Studio IDE can be found here:
[4] Apple’s Xcode is the IDE for iOS apps:
[5] Project IDX is a cloud based ecosystem for developing apps for Android and iOS. It is currently only in public review. But when released may eliminate most of the problems I have with iOS app development.
[6] Expo can be used to develop iOS and Android apps from cross platform environments.
[7] Very clear instructions for getting started

Dart |
Expo |
Flutter |
React |
React Native |

51: FROM THE BENCH: Cookie Cutter Sensors: Ganging Up on ‘Em, By Jeff Bachiochi

Heltec Automation |
Node-Red |

[1] – – WiFi Kit 32 is based on ESP32 (including WiFi and BLE), with a Li-Po battery management system, and a 0.96” OLED.
[2] – – MQTT is a lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport that is ideal for connecting remote devices with a small code footprint and minimal network bandwidth.
[3] – – An open source MQTT broker
[4] – – Node-RED is a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.

Code and Supporting Files

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of AI Efficiency: Evolutions and AI Solutions, By J.M. Awrach

[1] An AI-controlled fighter jet took the Air Force leader for a historic ride. What that means for war, Tara Copp, May 3, 2024
[2] wikipedia, Artificial general intelligence
Marisa Garanhel, Top 20 artificial intelligence chips of choice, Artificial Intelligence, March 28, 2024

SeaFire Micros |

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