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July (issue #408) Circuit Cellar

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4: Hit Me Up On TCP: Part 1 — Learn the fundamentals of TCP sockets on ESP32, By Pedro Bertoleti

[1] Introduction to TCP/IP (Part 4) – Sockets and Ports:,through%20this%20socket%20or%20doorway
[4] TCP socket steps:

Code and Supporting Files

12: No Blues with Bluetooth!  Part 3: BLE Advertising, By Robert Lacoste

[1] Robert Lacoste, “No Blues with Bluetooth! Part 2: The Thousand-Foot Picture.”   Circuit Cellar 407, June, 2024.
[2] Robert Lacoste, “The Darker Side – Digital modulations demystified,” Circuit Cellar 233, December, 2009.
[3] – Bluetooth Core Specification V.5.4
[4]- Accessory Design Guidelines for Apple Devices, paragraph 49.5 “Advertising Interval”
[5] Eddystone (Google).
[6]– Bluetooth Core Specification, Supplement 11
[7]– Assigned Numbers
[8] – nRF Connect for Mobiles, Nordic Semiconductors, available on IOS App Store and Google Play Store

18: Experimenting with 1000BASE-T1: Part 2 – Designing, Building, and Testing the Adapter, By David Smart

[1] David Smart, “Experimenting with 1000BASE-T1. Part 1 – Motivation and Research.” Circuit Cellar 407, June, 2024
[2] Eagle Viewer by Press Every Key UG

25: The Evolution Of Robust & Cost-Effective, Isolated DC/DC Converters, By RECOM Power GmbH

[1] Wikipedia contributors, “Galvanic isolation,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed February 15, 2023).
[2] “Understanding isolation in DC/DC converters,” RECOM Blog, Aug 14, 2019,!sdc-converters-69.html (accessed February 15, 2023).
[3] Power Conversion Devices Standard Subcommittee (9-82), “IPC 9592B: Requirements for power conversion devices for the computer and telecommunications industries,” IPC, Bannockburn, IL, Nov 2012, pg. 20. Available:
[4] “Power Supply Design for maximum Performance,” RECOM Blog, Oct 21, 2022, (accessed February 15, 2023).
[5] 3D Power Packaging® for Low Power DC/DC converters, (accessed January 23, 2023).

RECOM Power GmbH |

30: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE Tech Overview: Embedded Linux Operating Systems, By Michael Lynes

[1] HP-65 Programmable Scientific Calculator –
[3] “Da Vinci Code, The”:
[4] UNIX™ Operating System:
[5] Linus Torvalds:
[6] “So, you want to build an embedded Linux system?” –
[7] “For Fun and Profit” – 
[8] Linux on embedded systems –
[9] Embedded Linux Distributions:
[10] Debian:
[11] Ubuntu:
[12] Red Hat:
[13] SuSE:
SuSE Edge Embedded:
[14] Microchip:
[15] WindRiver:
[16] Yocto:
[17] Embedded Linux explained:

Linux |
Microchip |
Debian |
Ubuntu |
Red Hat |
Wind River |

36: DATASHEET: Industrial Controllers – Talk Industrial to Me: Embedded Controllers Offer Oodles of I/O, By Tom Murphy

Axiomtek Man566:
Beckhoff C6043-0090:
Cincoze DS-1402:
EmbeddedTS TS-8820-4100:
Nexcom NIFE101:
Olimex iMX8MP-SOM:
OnLogic Tacton TC401:
Sfera Labs Strato Pi Max:

40: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Dump Flash Memory Devices with Glasgow Interface Explorer, By Colin O’Flynn

Copies of code listings, including more complete context in the repository at

Glasgow interface explorer homepage:

Code and Supporting Files

44: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: A DIY PCR Cycling Unit, By Brian Millier

Thermoelectric Cooler:
European Thermodynamics APHC-12708-S

Digikey link:

Full H-Bridge Motor controller:
Cytron MD10C R3

DF Robot DFR0654 ESP32 Module:

24-bit ADC:

Nuvoton NAU7802


20 char x 4-line LCD display with I2C backpack:

Cytron |
DF Robot |
Nuvoton |

Code and Supporting Files

52: FROM THE BENCH: Wireless Music – Using an ESP32 and A2DP Wireless Transfer to Bluetooth, By Jeff Bachiochi

[1] – Sugar Barons, The Boombox Project, April 6, 2011:
[2] – Phil Schatzmann’s Arduino-Tools libraries:
[3] – Daniel Harrison, “Tolling Time.” Music Theory Online 6:4, October, 2000:
[4] – Wikipedia, “Big Ben”:

Code and Supporting Files

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Safety-Critical Projects: Check Your Software Tools for Standards Compliance: Before Starting Safety-Critical Project, By Marcel Beemster


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July (issue #408) Circuit Cellar

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