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July (issue #396) Circuit Cellar

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4: Build Your Own Infrared Signal Recorder: Using an Arduino Nano to Customize Any IR Remote Control, By Tommy Tyler

[1] JP1 Forum’s J1 Remotes webpage, where you download a software bundle for IRScope v3.05:
[2] AIRWidget100-Code
[3] AIRWidget & IRScope Operating Instructions Rev. 1, January 20, 2023:

Arduino |

Code and Supporting Files

10: Designing Electronic Systems for an Underwater ROV: With “Semi-Wireless” Communication, Video, and Sensors, By Clinton Dundas, Alexander Ottosson, and Tony Biccum

[1] Blue Robotics Website:
[2] Kristian Lauszus, USB Host Shield Library:
[3] AKK Technology Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver:
[4] nRF24 Series from Nordic Semiconductors:
[5] Nordic Semiconductors nRF chips:
[6] Owen Edwards, nRF24l01+ library for MBed:
[7] Texas Instruments, MC3486 Quadruple Differential Line Receiver With 3-State Outputs, SLLS097C, Texas Instruments, June 1980 (REV February 2002).
[8] Texas Instruments, MC3487 Quadruple Differential Line Driver, SLLS098C, Texas Instruments, May 1980 (REV February 2004).

4D Systems |
Adafruit |
Arduino |
Bosch |
Nanuk |
STMicroelectronics |
Vizio |

Code and Supporting Files

16: Arbitrary Function Generator: An 8-bit Digital and Analog Design, By Brian Beard

[1] Electronics Tutorial article on R-2R DAC:
[2] Common waveform files from Lucid Technologies:
[3] FGEN1 Kit from Lucid Technologies:

Microchip Technology |

Code and Supporting Files

24: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: Digital Signage, By Michael Lynes

[1] Wikipedia: Digital Signage:
[2] Virtual Mirror app from DigitalDM:
[3] Virtual Mirror:
[4] Signage Droid by E Display:
[5] Rockbot Digital Signage:
[6] ScreenCloud:
[7] Seneca Displays:
[8] Mvix “110 Content Ideas: What to Display on your Digital Signage”:
[9] Yodeck “Unbeatable easy digital signage”:
[10] Interactive digital signage from DigitalDM –
[11] DGI Communications page on digital signage:,marketing%20messages%20or%20digital%20images
[12] MeldCx and Signagelive Announce Global Partnernship—article:

E Display |
Mvix |
NoviSign |
Signagelive |
Yodeck |

30: DATASHEET: MCUs with Built-In RF Capability: Chips with Range, By Sam Wallace

EDATEC CM4 Industrial:

Espressif ESP32-C6:

Microchip Technology PIC32X-BZ2:

Nordic Semiconductor nRF54H20:

NXP Semiconductors IW612:

Renesas RA4W1:

Silicon Labs FG28:

STMicroelectronics STM32U595:

Texas Instruments CC2340R5:

34: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Home Controller Coordinates a Ductless Heat Pump: With an Existing Heating System, By Brian Millier

[1] Fujitsu Heat pump specifications:

[2] Millier, Brian: Build an iPad-Based IR Remote (Part 1): The Original Design and IR Code Protocols. Circuit Cellar, Issue 310, May 2016, p. 12-19

[3] Millier, Brian: Build an iPad-Based IR Remote (Part 2): System Circuitry and Programming. Circuit Cellar, Issue 311, May 2016, p. 26-33.

[4] Millier, Brian: Build a Touchscreen IR Remote: Using an ESP32 MCU. Circuit Cellar, Issue 380, March 2022, p. 59-69.

[5] Millier, Brian: Using ESP-NOW Protocol (Part 1): A Low-Power Wi-Fi Alternative. Circuit Cellar 368, March 2021, p. 56-63.

[6] Millier, Brian: Using ESP-NOW Protocol Part 2: Hardware Description. Circuit Cellar 370, May 2021, p. 52-59.

[7] Millier, Brian: GUI-O: A “Virtual” Front Panel: For ESP32 Projects. Circuit Cellar 389, December 2022, p. 28-38.

[8] ESP32-DevKitC:

[9] DS3231 RTC:

[10] AM2320 Temperature/Humidity sensor:

[11] OpenWeatherMap API Service:

[12] Vishay IR Receiver:

[13] Recom RAC05-05SK/C14:

Analog Devices |
Espressif Systems |
RECOM Power |
Vishay |

Code and Supporting Files

46: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Running an Ibex RISC-V Core: On an FPGA, By Colin O’Flynn

[1] O’Flynn, Colin: Taking a Look at RISC-V Power Analysis. Circuit Cellar, Issue 382, May 2022, p. 64-67.

[2] lowRISC, Ibex Repository:

[3] lowRISC, Ibex demo system repository:

[4] O’Flynn, Colin: Programmable Logic in Practice: Breaking Unbreakable Cryptography. Circuit Cellar, Issue 313, August 2016, p. 42-47.

[5] Code for attack demonstrations from this article:

NewAE Technology Inc. |
Xilinx |

50: FROM THE BENCH: Barometer: Under (Air) Pressure, By Jeff Bachiochi

[1]-Farmers’ Almanac, “Can Aches and Pains Predict the Rain?”

[2] -How a mercury barometer works:

[3]– US Patent Office, Patent No. 2,367,034, Aneroid Barometer:

[4] Shenzhen Hope Microelectronics Co., Ltd. HP206C, Waterproof MEMS Altimetric Pressure Module:

[5] HP206C Data Sheet:

[6] -Example of weather map showing high- and low-pressure areas:

[7] – A barometer that includes types of weather to expect at various pressures:

Code and Supporting Files

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Data Center Efficiency: Overcoming Power Obstacles in Data Centers, By Vito Savino

[1] Report: “Investing in the rising data center economy” from McKinsey & Company:
[2] “Data Center Market Size and Share Analysis by Infrastructure Type” from Prescient & Strategic Intelligence:
[3] “Cooling Energy Consumption Investigation of Data Center IT Room with Vertical Placed Server” from ScienceDirect:
[4] “Why do data centers use so much energy?” from DW:,use%201%25%20of%20global%20electricity.
[5] “Data centers keep energy use steady despite big growth” from DW:,to%20offset%20growing%20electricity%20demand.
[6] “How Much Energy Do Data Centers Really Use?” from Energy Innovation Policy and Technology LLC:

ABB Power Conversion |

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