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July (issue #348) Circuit Cellar

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p.6: EOG-Controlled Video Game: Eyes as Interface, By Eric Cole, Evan Mok
                   and Alex Huang

[1] Merino M, Rivera O, Gomez I, Molina I, Dorronzoro E. 2010. A Method of EOG Signal Processing to Detect Eye Movement. 2010 First International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications, Venice, 2010, pp. 100-105.
[2] ProtoThreads, Adam Dunkels:
[3] AdaFruit TFT Graphics Library. Ported by Syed Tahmid Mahbub.

Adafruit |
Microchip Technology |
Texas Instruments |

p.12: Macros for AVR Assembler Programming: Tools of the Machine Code Trade,
By Wolfgang Matthes

Table supplementing Figure 3:

[1] Hyde, Randall: Writing Great Code, Voume 2: Thinking Low-Level, Writing High-Level. No Starch Press, San Francisco, 2006.
[2]  Dalrymple, Monte: Microprocessor Design Using Verilog HDL.
available from KCK Media, purchase it here.
[3] Li, Yamin: Computer Principles and Design in Verilog HDL. Wiley, 2015.
[4] Hyde, Randall: The Art of Assembly Language. No Starch Press, San Francisco, 2003.
[5] Margush, Timothy S.: Some Assembly Required: Assembly Language Programming with the AVR Microcontroller. CRC Press, 2016.
[6] Lyashko, Alexey: Mastering Assembly Programming. Packt Publishing, 2017.
[7] Matthes, Wolfgang: Microcontroller Modules for the Ambitious.
Circuit Cellar 312, July 2016, p. 24-33.

Files available on Circuit Cellar code and files download page.

The author’s project homepages:

The AVR microcontrollers:

Microchip Technology |

p.26: Building a Smart Frying Pan: Connected Control for Chef, By Joseph Dwyer

[1] Sean Carroll’s Board on the ECE Site
[2] Spark fun MAX Board Tutorial:
[3] Bluetooth nr8001 Tutorial
[4] Bluefruit App

Xbee Tutorial

Bill of Materials:

Part Number (PN) Vendor Cost Quantity
Small PIC32 Board Course Laboratory 4 2
XBP24-AWI-001-ND Digikey 19.29 2
MAX31855K Sparkfun 14.95 2
HH-K-20 Thermocouple OMEGA 4.95 2
PIC32MX250F128B Course Laboratory 5 2
9V Battery Amazon 2 2
Bluetooth nRF8001 1697 Adafruit 19.95 1
Breadboards Amazon 6 2

Adafruit |
Microchip Technology |
Nordic Semiconductor |
Sparkfun |

p.32: Inrush Current Limiters in Action: Circuit Guardians, By Matt Reynolds

TDK Electronics |

p.36: Embedded Solutions Enable Smarter Railway Systems:
Computing, Connectivity and Control,  
By Jeff Child

ADLINK Technology |
Advantech |
Axiomtek |
Cincoze |
Ibase Technology |
Kontron |
MEN Micro |
Neousys Technology |

p.44: FPGAs Flex Their DSP Muscles: Pros at Signal Processing, By Jeff Child

Achronix Semiconductor |
Flex Logix Technologies |
Intel |
Lattice Semiconductor |
Xilinx |

p.48: PRODUCT FOCUS:  IoT Interface Modules: Smart Solutions, By Jeff Child

Device Solutions |
Digi |
Espressif |
InnoComm Mobile Technology |
Jorjin Technologies |
NXP Semiconductor |
Rigado |
Telit |
U-blox |

p.52: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Variable Frequency Drive (Part 1):
               Washing Machine Repurposed, By Brian Millier

Analog Devices |
Cypress Semiconductor |
Digi-Key |
Infineon Technologies |
NXP Semiconductor |
Tektronix |
Siglent Technologies |
Silicon Labs |

                  with TrustZone-M: Security Scrutinized, By Colin O’Flynn

The paper “Cross-Domain Power Analysis Attacks” is available there:

The Return Oriented Programming attack was discussed in Colin’s article “The Populist Side-Channel Attack: An Overview of Spectre” in Circuit Cellar 334, May 2018.

NXP Semiconductors |
Microchip Technology |
Nuvoton |
STMicroelectronics |

p.64: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Energy Monitoring (Part 2):
              Tracking Electric Power, By George Novacek

[1] Current Transformer SCT019-200A –
[2] Logger Device Tracks Amp Hours by William Wachsmann, Circuit Cellar 327 (October 2017) and Circuit Cellar 328 (November 2017).

Microchip Technology |

p.68: FROM THE BENCH: Windless Wind Chimes (Part 2): My MIDI Upgrade,
By Jeff Bachiochi


Figure 1                source:
Figure 2                source:

Adafruit |
Microchip Technology |

p.79: The Future of Autonomous Cars: Sensors, Software and More Sensors,
By James Fennelly

[1] SAE Levels of Automation


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July (issue #348) Circuit Cellar

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