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January (issue #390) Circuit Cellar

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4: Build a Custom App with AWS IoT: Part 1: Embedded IoT Device, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico

[1] Raul Alvarez Torrico, “Build IoT Secure Apps with AWS Services,” Circuit Cellar 383, June, 2022.
[2] AWS IoT EduKit workshop,
[3] AWS IoT Device SDK for Embedded C
[4] AWS IoT EduKit, Smart Thermostat
[5] AWS IoT EduKit Content Library

AWS IoT Core Developer Guide, “What is AWS IoT?”
Message Queueing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) home page
Sparkfun Tutorials, “Introduction to MQTT”
Core2 for AWS IoT EduKit BSP

M5Stack Core2 ESP32 IoT Development Kit for AWS IoT EduKit
CJMCU-811 CCS811 CO2 Gas Sensor Module
GP2Y1010AU0F Optical Dust Sensor
Visual Studio Code
PlatformIO IDE for VSCode Installation, Download Page
AWS Command Line Interface

Code and Supporting Files

14: An Introduction to FPGAs: From Flip-Flops to Applications, By Nishant Mittal

Xilinx (Part of AMD) |
Arrow |

18: The Evolution of Flat Panel TV Technology: From CRT to OLED and Beyond, By Faiz Rahman

LG Electronics |
Samsung |
Polaroid |

23: Level Switch for Non-Conductive Liquids, By Alex Pozhitkov, PhD

Buddy Engineer |
Dwyer Instruments |
Grainger |

26: Smart Buildings and Cities: Proactive Planning for Your Business, By Michael Lynes

[1] Wikipedia:
[2] Intelligent Building Europe – Smart Building Case Studies
[3] Building Engines Blog: Is it Time to Make Your Old Building Smart?
[4] LOSANT GUIDE: Smart Buildings
[5] Locatee Smart Building: Business Case
[6] JLL – A Surprising way to cut Real Estate costs:
[7] Siemens Smart Building Planning Video:
[8] Siemens Planning Tomorrow Website:
[9] Cisco SPACES website:
[10] Cohesion – Smart Buildings Made Simple:
[11] Iota Communications – Delphi 360:
[12] Smart CRE:

32: DATASHEET:  PC/104 Boards: Vital in Harsh Enviorments, By Sam Wallace

ADLINK CM5-P1000 Datasheet:
Advanced Micro Peripherals Jetstream Datasheet:
Connect Tech Xtreme/SBC Datasheet:
Diamond Systems Athena IV Datasheet:
Digilent USB104 A7 Datasheet:
ICOP IBW-6954-E4 Datasheet:
Sundance DSP Inc. PC104Z Datasheet:
VersaLogic VL-EPM-E9 Datasheet:
Winsystems PX1-C441 Datasheet:

36: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: A Potentiostat for Performing Electrochemical Experiments, By Brian Millier

Teensy 3.5 ARM MCU module:
Teensyduino add-in for Arduino IDE:
Matrix Orbital Eve3x-50G Touch Screen Display:
MAX5541 16-bit DAC:
Adafruit ADS1115 16-bit ADC breakout module:

Code and Supporting Files

46: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Keeping Your Memories Secret: SRAM Read-Back Attacks, By Colin O’Flynn

ST Programming Manual PM0075.
ST Application Note AN5156.
STM32F415 Reference Manual RM0090.
Kraken blog post on STM32F215 Security:

Code and Supporting Files

52: From the Bench: A Radar Speed Monitor: This Time Using Raspberry Pi Pico, By Jeff Bachiochi

[1] Jeff Bachiochi, “A Radar Speed Monitor,” Circuit Cellar 389, December, 2022.
[2] PicoMite Users Manual-
[3] K-LD2 Datasheet-
[4] Earle Philhower core for putting Arduino on RP2040 devices:

Code and Supporting Files

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Private LTE – Private Cellular Networks in Buildings, By Stephen Kowal

[1] “IoT connections market update—May 2022” from IoT Analytics:,growth%20than%20in%20previous%20years
[2] “Cost of a data breach—2022” from IBM:
[3] “Private LTE/5G network deployments to tenfold in the next five years” from Berg Insight:

Nextivity |

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January (issue #390) Circuit Cellar

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