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January (issue #366) Circuit Cellar

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p.6: Build a Solar-Powered Weather Station: Using Adafruit IO, By Mark Komus


[1] SparkFun Weather Gaugesz
[2] SparkFun Sunny Buddy Setup Guide
[3] Adafruit IO Learn Guide
[4] My Weather Station’s Dashboard

Code on Github

Electronics Enclosure on Thingiverse

Radiation Shield on Thingiverse

Adafruit |
Adafruit IO |
SparkFun |

p.14: Build an Automated Fruit-Ripeness Detector: Banana Scan, By Christina Chang, Michelle Feng and Russell Silva


[1] Li, Meng, et al. 1997. “Optical Chlorophyll Sensing System for Banana Ripening.” Postharvest Biology and Technology, 12(3):273–283. doi:10.1016/s0925-5214(97)00059-8.

Adafruit |
Microchip Technology |
Sparkfun |

p.20: LoRa Air Quality Monitoring System: IoT Tech Put to Good Use, By Dhairya A. Parikh

[1] CCS811 –
[2] Mics Sensor –
[3] DSM501 Dust Sensor –
[4] Sharp Dust Sensor –       Sensor Info:
[5] Detailed Document for Lora Component Setup:
[6] Go to  and create a new account by signing up. Now do the necessary verifications and then login to your account.
[8].[9]Project GitHub Repo: source contains:1. Node Source Code2. Sensor Test codes3. Decoder Function4. Node Red Flow JSON file

More resources:

1. Sujuan Liu, Chuyu Xia and Zhenzhen Zhao, “A low-power real-time air quality monitoring system using LPWAN based on LoRa,”.
2. Evaluation of LoRa-based Air Pollution Monitoring System Nael Abd Alfatah Husein, Abdul Hadi Abd Rahman, Dahlila Putri Dahnil
3. IoT deployment for city scale air quality monitoring with Low-Power Wide Area Networks Steven J. Johnston Philip J. Basford Florentin M. J. Bulot Mihaela Apetroaie-Cristea Gavin L Foster Matthew Loxham Simon J. Cox.
4. Ma Y, Zhao L, Yang R, et al. Development and Application of an Atmospheric Pollutant Monitoring System Based on LoRa-Part I: Design and Reliability Tests. Sensors (Basel). 2018;18(11):3891. Published 2018 Nov 12.
5. Thu, Ye & Htun, Wunna & Aung, Yan & Ei, Pyone & Tun, Nay. (2018). Smart Air Quality Monitoring System with LoRaWAN. 10.1109/IOTAIS.2018.8600904
6. Johnston SJ, Basford PJ, Bulot FMJ, et al. City Scale Particulate Matter Monitoring Using LoRaWAN Based Air Quality IoT Devices. Sensors (Basel). 2019;19(1):209. Published 2019 Jan 8.
7. Knoll, M., Breitegger, P. & Bergmann, A. Low-Power Wide-Area technologies as building block for smart sensors in air quality measurements. Elektrotech. Inftech. 135, 416–422 (2018).
9. Dragino Documentation for LoRa Gateway and Node setup: 
10.  Thingspeak IoT Documentation:

Adafruit |
ams |
Dragino Technology |
Mathworks |
Raspberry Pi Foundation |
Sparkfun |
The Things Network |
ThingSpeak |

p.28: Understanding the Ultra96 Board (Part 2): The Software, By Nishant Mittal


[1] Xilinx website:
[2] Users guide for Petalinux:

Users Guide for Ultra96:

Users Guide for Pynq:

Users Guide for ZynqMP Ultrascale Plus: |
Xilinx |

p.32: Embedded Tech Provides COVID-19 Era Solutions: Sensors, MCUs, AI and More, By Jeff Child



CAS Dataloggers |
Infineon Technologies |
Maxim Integrated |
Nordic Semiconductor |
Nvidia |
Renesas Electronics |
SensiML |
Trinamic Motion Control |
U-blox |
Xilinx |

p.42: Data Acquisition Gear Looks to System Solutions: Leveraging the Best Ideas, By Jeff Child




ADLINK Technology |
Advantech |
CAS Dataloggers |
Delphin Technology |
Diamond Systems |
Gantner-Instruments |
Measurement Computing |
Novus Automation |
Teledyne SP Devices |

p.48: DATASHEET: COM Express Boards: Upgradeable Computing, By Jeff Child

ADLINK Technology |
Advantech |
American Portwell |
Congatec |
Eurotech |
Ibase Technology |
Kontron |
MSC Technologies |



ADLINK Technology  


American Portwell  



Ibase Technology  


MSC Technologies  

p.52: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Finding a $Billion Dollar Fault Mode: Using EMFI Analysis, By Colin O’Flynn


[1] Michael Barr. EELive! 2014 Keynote Slides.
[2] Michael Barr. Expert Witness slides in Bookout v. Toyota trial.
[3] Phil Koopman. “A Case Study of Toyota Unintended Acceleration and Software Safety”
[4] “Low-Level Automotive ECU Security” (Circuit Cellar 364, November 2020)
[5] “Building the ChipJabber-Unplugged” (Circuit Cellar 360, July 2020)
[6] Park S, Choi Y, Choi W. Experimental study for the reproduction of sudden unintended acceleration incidents. Forensic Sci Int. 2016 Oct;267 35-41.

NASA Engineering and Safety Center reports on unintended acceleration.

Microchip Technology |
NXP Semiconductors |
Renesas Electronics |

p.58: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: A Deep Dive on Thunderboard Sense 2: Sensors for a Song, By Brian Millier

[1] and [2] “Using iOS Devices for Data Acquisition and Control – Parts 1 and 2” (Circuit Cellar 321 and Circuit Cellar 322, April and May 2017).
[3] ” Dehumidifier Revamped for the IoT Era” (Circuit Cellar 356, March 2020).

Thunderboard Sense 2:  Silicon Labs

User Guides:[User’s%20Guides]


Mbed Online IDE:   [This takes you to a login screen]

ams |
Bosch Sensortec |
Espressif Systems |
SEGGER Microcontroller |
Silicon Labs |
STMicroelectronics |
TDK Invensense |

p.67: FROM THE BENCH: Build a Tiny OLED Display Subsystem: SSD1306 Out on a Cheap Date, By Jeff Bachiochi


[1]  Scott Edwards’ parallel character displays.
[2]  Paul Badger’s cursor positioning protocol.

Adafruit |
Hammond Manufacturing |
Microchip Technology |
Solomon Systech |

p.79: The Future of LoRa-Networked IoT: Keeping Tomorrow’s IoT Connected, By Remi Lorrain



Semtech |

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January (issue #366) Circuit Cellar

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