January (issue #342) Circuit Cellar Article Materials

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p.6: Connecting USB to Simple MCUs: Helpful Hosting, By Stuart Ball

FTDI’s VDrive3 datasheet: http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Documents/DataSheets/Modules/DS_VDRIVE3.pdf

Something from Nothing: Debugging Embedded Systems with Minimal Resources, by Stuart Ball (Circuit Cellar, July

2016). https://cc-webshop.com/collections/circuit-cellar-2016/products/circuit-cellar-312-july-2016

Digi-Key | www.digikey.com
FTDI | www.ftdichip.com
Microchip Technology | www.microchip.com

p.14: Vision System Enables Overlaid Images: Superhero Sight, By Daniel Edens and Elise Weir


[1] Infrared Camera Project Revision 1
[2]  [16] OV7670 Camera Data Sheet
[3] PIC32 PCB Schematic and Layout
[4] FLIR LEPTON Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) Datasheet

IEEE SPI Protocol Standard

NXP I2C Protocol Standard

FLIR Lepton Open Source Code

PIC32 Peripheral Libraries for MPLAB C32 Compiler

FLIR LEPTON Software Interface Description Document (IDD)


PIC32 I2C Examples

PIC32 Pinout

PIC32 PPS Output Table

PIC32 Output Compare


PIC32 Timers

OV7670 Camera C++ Examples

Beginning Arduino ov7670 Camera Development by Robert Chin

FLIR Systems | www.flir.com
Microchip Technology | www.microchip.com
Omnivision Technologies | www.ovt.com

p.20: Hierarchical Menus for Touchscreens: Crafting the Code, By Aubrey Kagan

[1] Hierarchical Menus in Embedded Systems, Circuit Cellar, Issue #160, November 2003
[2] gen4 Display Module Series 7.0” Diablo16 Integrated Display Module datasheet
[3] GT-C9xxP series “General Function” Software Specification (requires registration)  GT800X480A-C903PA Hardware Specification (requires registration)

Cypress Semiconductor | www.cypress.com
Noritake | www.noritake-elec.com

Links to more of Aubrey’s publications on/in Circuit Cellar, Planet Analog and Embedded.com at are available at: http://bit.ly/2m26MJB

p.32: The MPU vs. MCU Decision: Choices for Industrial Designs, By Jacko Wilbrink

Microchip Technology | www.microchip.com

p.36: Control and Comms Solutions Enhance Drone Designs: Synched in the Sky, By Jeff Child

Airborne Innovations | www.airborneinnovations.com
Amimon | www.amimon.com
DroneSense | www.dronesense.com
Infineon Technologies | www.infineon.com
SlantRange | www.slantrange.com
Qualcomm Technologies | www.qualcomm.com

p.42: Data Acquisition Rides Evolving Tech: Robust Solutions, By Jeff Child

ACCES I/O Products | www.accesio.com
Delphin Technology | www.delphin.com
Measurement Computing | www.mccdaq.com
National Instruments | www.ni.com

p.46: PRODUCT FOCUS:  COM Express Boards: Computing Cores, By Jeff Child

Aaeon | www.aaeon.com
Acromag | www.acromag.com
ADLINK Technology | www.adlinktech.com
Advantech | www.advantech.com
American Portwell | www.portwell.com
Axiomtek | www.axiomtek.com
Congatec | www.congatec.com
Connect Tech | www.connecttech.com
Diamond Systems | www.diamondsystems.com
Eurotech | www.eurotech.com
Extreme Engineering Solutions | www.xes-inc.com
Kontron | www.kontron.com
MEN Micro | www.menmicro.com
MSC Technologies | www.msc-technologies.eu
VersaLogic | www.versalogic.com

p.52: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Easing into the IoT Cloud (Part 2): Modules in Action, By Brian Millier

Tutorial “How to Send Text Message (SMS) using ESP8266:

Github Repository for Particle’s Raspberry Pi agent firmware:

On-line source for Particle’s Raspberry Pi Reference Documentation:

On-line source for Particle’s Raspberry Pi “process” function:

Particle Modules: https://www.particle.io/

Nokia 5110 LCD display: https://www.adafruit.com/product/338

DS18S20 Temperature Sensor:

Raspberry Pi: https://www.raspberrypi.org/ 

Cypress Semiconductor | www.cypress.com
Espressif | www.espressif.com
Maxim Integrated | www.maximintegrated.com
STMicroelectronics | www.st.com
Particle | www.particle.io
U-blox | www.u-blox.com

p.58: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Real Schematics (Part 2) : Transmission Lines, By George Novacek

Reference: [1] Impedance Matching George Novacek,
Circuit Cellar 281, December 2013

Essential Electromagnetic Compliance, George Novacek,
Circuit Cellar issue 293, December 2014

Shielding 101, George Novacek, Circuit Cellar 298, May 2015

Electromagnetics Explained by Ron Schmitt, published by Newnes, ISBN 0-7506-7403-2

p.62: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Power Analysis Capture with an MCU: Low-Cost Approach, By Colin O’Flynn

 ChipWhisperer —  ChipWhisperer.com,

Colin’s older articles can be found on Circuit Cellar’s web shop.

Microchip Technology | www.microchip.com
NXP Semiconductors | www.nxp.com
STMicroelectronics | www.st.com

p.67: FROM THE BENCH: High-Side Current Sensing: A Means of Measuring, By Jeff Bachiochi

SMBus–Comparing the I²C Bus to the SMBus


EMC1701–High-Side Current-Sense and Internal Temperature Monitor.
Microchip Technologies

Liberty Basic–Easy Programming for Windows
Shoptalk Systems

Microchip Technology | www.microchip.com
NXP Semiconductors | www.nxp.com
Shoptalk Systems | www.libertybasic.com

p.79: The Future of IoT Benchmarks: Complex Benchmark Development Journey Yields Success, By Peter Torelli

EEMBC | www.eembc.org
STMicroelectronics | www.st.com