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p. 6 : Massage Vest Uses PIC32: Controlled with an iOS App,
By Harry Freeman, Megan Leszczynski and Gargi Ratnaparkhi

[1] J. Kahn, “Hands on with ‘i-Massager’ iPhone-controlled electrical nerve stimulation and other iOS massage accessories,” 9TO5Mac, 2013.
[2] O. Hall, “Relax! Slip on an electric vest to knead away stress,” Cornell Chronicle, 2013.

A. Hoiburg, “HM10 Bluetooth Serial iOS,” 2016.
A. Dunkels, “Protothreads,” 2006.
S. Carroll, “Port Expander (MCP23S17) with PIC32 Example
Microchip: “MCP23S17 Port Expander
Microchip: “Microstick II Information Sheet Schematic

p. 14 : FPGA Design: A Fresh Take: An Alternative to MCUs, By Faiz Rahman

Intel PSG (formerly Altera) |
Lattice Semiconductor |
Microsemi |
Quicklogic |
Xilinx |

p. 24 : Designing a Home Cleaning Robot (Part 2): Mechanical Design,
By Nishant Mittal and Jesudasan Moses

Cypress Semiconductor |

p. 28 : MCU-based Platform Stabilizer: Sensors and Servos,
By Jessica Chen, Adam Chung and Ashley Xue

[1] Bosch Sensortec, “BNO055 Intelligent 9-axis absolute orientation sensor”, BNO055 Datasheet.
[2] Microchip Technology, “32-bit Microcontrollers (up to 128 KB Flash and 32 KB SRAM) with Audio and Graphics Interfaces, USB, and Advanced Analog”, PIC32MX250F128B Datasheet.
[3] Sparkfun, “Specification of HS-422 Standard Deluxe Servo”, HS-422 Servo Datasheet.
[4] A. Dunkels, Reference Manual, “The Protothreads Library 1.4 Reference Manual
[5] Microchip Technology, “PIC32MX1XX/2XX 28/36/44-pin Family Silicon Errata and Data Sheet Clarification”.
[6] Microchip Technology, Reference Manual, “Section 24. Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)”.
[7] Microchip Technology, PIC32MX Family, “PIC32 Peripheral Libraries for MPLAB C32 Compiler”.

p. 34 : Power Alternatives for Commercial Drones, By Jeff Child

Alta Devices |
Intelligent Energy |
PowerOasis |
Protonex |
Texas Instruments |
Venom |

p. 40 : Test Solutions Advance for 5G, By Jeff Child

Analog Devices |
Intel |
Keysight Technologies |
Linear Technology |
Movandi |
Qualcomm Technologies |
Rohde and |

p. 52 : LF Resonator Filter, By Ed Nisley

Source code files: FTP  328 Nisley
Background columns:
Circuit Cellar May 2017­ “WWVB Reception vs. SDR Hardware”
Circuit Cellar July 2017­ “LF Quartz  Resonators”
Circuit Cellar Sept 2017­ “Numeric Precision vs. DDS Calculations”
Analog Devices AD9850 DDS
QEX Jan/Feb 2016: Chuck Adams K7QO, Crystal Parameter Measurement Simplified

p. 59 : Overstress Protection, By George Novacek

[1] ON Semiconductor AND9009-D EOS Protection
[2} Linear Technology Overvoltage Protection Regulator and Inrush Current Limiter LT4356

p. 62 : Five Fault Injection Attacks, By Colin O’Flynn

A walk-through of Dmitry Nedospasov’s work (and even more proof of how this works) is available on his blog: this work was also replicated by  on his blog: blog/bootloader-bypass-part1

Using voltage fault injection on Linux platforms is relatively easy to do – I’ve got an example video of this using a simple low-cost crowbar circuitry available here for example. This type of attack results in the waveform as in Figure 2 in the article.

The shorting out of a pin and resulting console is shown in Photo 1 and Photo 2 respectively in the article  for the Philips Hue hub. You can see a video of this here at to get an idea for timing.

LPC Fault Injection
Presentation slides (includes links to demo videos): Breaking CRP on NXP LPC  Microcontrollers
Presentation video: Breaking-Code-Read-Protection-on-the-NXP-LPC-family-Microcontrollers
Example replication: Bootloader Bypass Part 1

Paper: Sec 17 Tang
Presentation slides: usenixsecurity17_slides_adrian_tan
Presentation video: technical-sessions/presentation/tang

Linux Fault Injection
Paper: Escalating_Privileges_in_Linux_using_Fault_Injection
Presentation slides: /escalating-privileges-in-linux-using-fi-presentation-fdtc-2017

Presentation slides: How-to-Root-An-Embedded-Linux-Box-With-A-Sewing-Needle
Presentation Video: YouTube

USENIX Woot Paper: woot17-paper-cui

p. 66 : Money Sorting Machines (Part 1), By Jeff Bachiochi

Microchip Technology |
National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA): Multi Drop Bus version 4-2

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January (issue #330) Circuit Cellar Article Materials

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