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February (issue #391) Circuit Cellar

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4: Improved Color Control for Analog LED Strips: Using a PSoC 6 MCU and Picovoice AI, By Alexandru Dumitrache

Infineon PSoC 6,
Picovoice Console,

[1] Getting Started with PSoC 6 MCU on Modus Toolbox Software,
[2] RGB Color Codes Chart,
[3] Picovoice Tutorials for Porcupine and Rhino,

Code and Supporting Files

12: Build a Custom IoT App with AWS IoT: Part 2: Serverless Application, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico

[1] Raul Alvarez Torrico, “Build a Custom App with AWS IoT Core. Part 1: Embedded IoT Device.” Circuit Cellar 390, January 2023. (Purchase PDF | View Issue TOC)
[2] Raul Alvarez Torrico, “Build IoT Secure Apps with AWS Services.” Circuit Cellar 383, June 2022 (Purchase PDF | View Issue TOC)
[3] AWS IoT EduKit Workshop,
[4] Smart Thermostat,
[5] Finite State Machine (FSM) Concept and Implementation,
[6] Indoor Air Quality: CO2 and Air Quality,
[7] Air Quality Guide for Particle Pollution,
[8] AWS IoT Device SDK for Embedded C,
[9] Tools to Build on AWS,

What is AWS IoT?,
MQTT: The Standard for IoT Testing,
Introduction to MQTT,
Finite-State Machines: Theory and Implementation,–gamedev-11867

Code and Supporting Files

20: The NuttX Engineer: An Introduction to Apache Nuttx, By Pedro Bertoleti

[1] NuttX official website:
[2] NuttX RTOS repository:
[3] NuttX RTOS features:
[4] NuttX RTOS applications and OS repositories:
[5] Instructions for downloading and installing full ESP-IDF on your computer:
[6] The official repository’s drivers/sensors folder for peripherals:
[7] Initialization codes for the ESP32 MCU:
[8] Initialization code for ESP32-DevKitC:
[9] BMP180 initialization code for ESP32:
[10] BMP180 NuttX app example:
[11] Picocom official website:,devices%20that%20provide%20serial%20consoles


28: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: Data Acquisition Tech: An Overview, By Michael Lynes

[1] Wikipedia article on data acquisition:
[2] Markets and Markets report on DAQ market:
[3] Polaris Market Research report on DAQ market:
[4] Keyence Whitepaper Library:

National Instruments:

34: DATASHEET: Embedded PCs: Complete Compute Solutions, By Sam Wallace

AAEON BOXER-6646-ADP Datasheet:
ASRock Industrial iBOX-1265UE Datasheet:
AVerMedia D315AOB Standard Box PC Datasheet:
Cincoze DV-1000 Datasheet:
Distec BoxPC Pro NPA-2009 Datasheet:
iBASE AMS310 Datasheet:
ICP Deutschland GmbH TANK-XM811 Datasheet:
Saelig Amplicon Impact-P 101A Datasheet:
Sintrones ABOX-5211(P) Series Datasheet:

38: THE MAGIC SMOKE FACTORY: Assemble Professional-Looking PCBs, By Joseph Corleto

Espressif Systems:

44: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Debugging Embedded Real-Time Systems: Strategies to Determine if a Problem is in HW or SW, By Bob Japenga

Article Correction: Issue #391, page 46 contained an error. The sentence, “With a keyscan matrix, 12 wires can be used to read 144 discrete keys,” should instead have read: “With a keyscan matrix, 12 wires can be used to read 36 discrete keys.

O2 Concepts:

Explanation of how an oxygen concentrator filters out the nitrogen:
Explanation of how a keyboard scan matric works:

48: START TO FINISH: Getting Started—PCBs: A Primer on Creating Printed Circuit Boards, By Stuart Ball

[1] Digikey trace width calculator:
[2] Sierra via current calculator:
[3] Sierra Circuits article on striplines and microstrips:
[4] Microstrip impedance calculator:
[5] Differential trace impedance calculator:

Labcenter Electronics:

53: FROM THE BENCH: Under Pressure?: May the Force Be with You, By Jeff Bachiochi

[1] Microchip’s Application Note AN617, Fixed Point Routines

Code and Supporting Files

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of AI Security: Using AI for Improved Home Safety, By Sam Weitzman

[1] “1 in 4 Americans Own a Smart Speaker. What Does That Mean For News?” NYT:
[2] Edgar Snyder & Associates “Swimming Injury Statistics”:
[3] CDC “Drowning Facts”:
[4] PoolScout:
[5] Hackensack Meridian Health “8 Truths About Drowning and ‘Dry Drowning’ Revealed”:

Deep Innovations:

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February (issue #391) Circuit Cellar

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