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February (issue #355) Circuit Cellar

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p.6: Build a 4-DOF Robotic Arm (Part 2): The Before and After Math, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico

Note: the article code for this article is in the article code archive folder for Part 1 which is the December 2019, 353 issue of Circuit Cellar

[1] JGY370 DC motor
[2] PDI-6221MG servo motor
[3] 6DOF robotic arm kit

Configuration and Task Spaces

Robot Pose in 3D

Denavit-Hartenberg Parameters

Denavit-Hartenberg Reference Frame Layout:

Homogeneous Transformation Matrix:

Forward Kinematics

Jacobian Pseudo-inverse Kinematics

p.14: Tunable Spectrum Light Fixture: Intelligent Illumination, By Emmett Milliken

[1] Protothreads by Adam Dunkels:
[2] Bruce Land’s modified Protothreads configuration header file, originally authored by Syed Tahmid Mahbub:
[3] Bruce Land’s Protothreads header file for PIC32:

Bruce Land’s SPI:

Bruce Land’s UART:

ProtoThreads, headers, example code:

DMX-512A Specification:  (Login Required)


Saber Z-4 Datasheet:

Luxeon Z Datasheet:

Luxeon Z Color Line Datasheet:

Luxeon UV U Line Datasheet:

Kingbright Three Digit Numeric Display Datasheet:

Mean Well Power Supply Datasheet:

Kingbright |
Luxeon Star LEDs |
Mathworks |
Maxim Integrated |
Mean Well |
Microchip Technology |



Part Number



Total Cost








5V power supply





All Electronics

RS-485 transceiver ic






BCD to seven segment decoder






Saber Z4 (red, UV, pc amber, cyan)





Luxeon Star LEDs

Saber Z4 (red-orange, white, lime, blue)





Luxeon Star LEDs

Saber Z4 (deep red, royal blue, amber, green)





Luxeon Star LEDs

Frosted 12° 20mm optic (plus optic holder)

10194 (10432)




Luxeon Star LEDs


p.20: System Controller Manufacturing Test (Part 2): The Software, By Nishant Mittal


[1] Petalinux user guide:

Silicon Labs |
Texas Instruments |
Xilinx |

p.26: Programming the Cortex-M4 in Assembly: Flex Your Arm Skills, By David Ludington

Arm |
Arm Keil |
STMicroelectronics |
Texas Instruments |

p.38: High Performance on a Small Form Factor: Core-Driven and Compact, By Jürgen Jungbauer
(sponsored content from congatec)

Full article available at:


congatec |

p.40: Embedded Vision Systems Adopt AI and IoT Tech: Smarter Machine Vision, By Jeff Child

Aaeon |
ADLINK Technology |
Allied Vision Technologies |
Axiomtek |
E-con Systems |
Imago Technologies |
Teledyne DALSA |

p.46: Board-Level Solutions Dress for IoT Duty: Ruggedness at the Edge, By Jeff Child

Arbor Technology
Avnet |
Congatec |
Innocomm |
Technologic Systems |
VersaLogic |

p.50: DATASHEET: A-D Converters: Integration and Innovation, By Jeff Child

Analog Devices
Maxim Integrated
Microchip Technology
Renesas Electronics America
Texas Instruments

p.53: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Semiconductor Fundamentals: (Part 6) High-Power MOSFETs, By George Novacek


Electronics Tutorials

Power MOSFET Basics

Electrical Power Converters Part 3, Circuit Cellar Issue 320, March 2017 by George Novacek

Infineon Technologies |

56: THE DARKER SIDE: Group Delay Basics: More Filter Fun, By Robert Lacoste

[2] Applied Radio Labs
“Group delay and phase delay,” Wikipedia
“What is the difference between phase delay and group delay?”

Group delay, by Christopher J. Struck, CJS Labs

Negative group delay example, by Andor Bariska

What is group delay: Iowa Hills software

Group delay 101, by Merlij Van Veen

Analog Devices |
Labcenter Electronics |

p.64: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: LoRa (Part 3): A Look at MachineQ, By Bob Japenga

[2] LoRaWAN Remote Multicast Setup v1.0.0 Specification
[3] LoRaWAN Fragmented Data Block Transport v1.0.0 Specification
[4] LoRaWAN Application Layer Clock Synchronization v1.0.0 Specification
[5] Grove Sensors for Arduino

MachineQ |

p.68: FROM THE BENCH: Shedding Light on Smart LED Design (Part 2): Cube Puzzle with No Moving Parts, By Jeff Bachiochi




Figure 1

Adafruit |
Microchip Technology |
SparkFun |

p.79: The Future of 3D Development: Tech Advances Raise 3D Modeling to New Level, By Eric Conover




Spatial |

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