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December (issue #401) Circuit Cellar

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4: How to Program an ESP32: Using VS Code and ESP-IDF, Pedro Bertoleti

[1] ESP-IDF GitHub Repository:
[2] ESP-IDF Programming Guide:
[3] “Getting Started with VS Code IDE,” Espressif:
[4] Visual Studio Code Official Website:
[5] “Step 1: Install Prerequisites,” Espressif:

Espressif Systems |
Visual Studio Code |

Code and Supporting Files

10: The Helix 511: A Review of OnLogic’s New Fanless Industrial Computer, By Brian Millier

[1] OnLogic HX511 BIOS Manual:
[2] PuTTY link via OnLogic:
[3] Fintek F81438 Datasheet:
[4] HX511 Connection Diagrams:

OnLogic |

20: A Modern Take on a Classic Game: Using an RP2040 Chip, GPS, Music, and More, By Deemo Chen and Sabian Grier

[1] Protothreads.
[2] TFT Screen lib modified by Syed:
 [3] img to byte array:
[4] Snake (Video Game Genre).

Land & Adams, “ECE 4760 Course Webpage,”, 2022
 Pi Pico Pinout and Datasheet:

Adafruit |
Raspberry Pi |

Code and Supporting Files

26: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: Embedded Systems in Transportation, By Michael Lynes

[1] McCoy quotes, Daystrom Institute Technical Library:
[2] Wikipedia article on wormholes:
[3] Earth Coordinates in Star Trek:
[4] “Embedded Systems in Automobile,”,%2C%20traction%20control%2C%20automatic%20parking%2C
[5] Delkin Blog:
[6] Mobileye Video:
[7] Advantech:
[8] Aicox:
[9] TS2:
[10] Axiomtek:
[11] Axiomtek video:
[12] IEEE – Waiting for Super Batteries:
[13] Embedded systems Power Transfer to Vehicles:
[14] Kontron:
[15] “Is there a Santa Claus”, Harden, Linda, SPY Magazine Dec. 1990 – reprint:
[16] Merry Ex-Mass:

Delkin Systems: Embedded Storage for Transportation

Delkin |
Mobileye |
TS2 |

32: DATASHEET: Tiny Embedded Boards: Feature-Rich and Ultra-Small, By Sam Wallace

Adafruit Feather M4 CAN Express: Foundation BeaglePlay:
Digi ConnectCore 93:
MYiR MYC-YT113i:
Orange Pi 3B:
Radxa Zero 3W:
Raspberry Pi 5:
Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32-S3:
Variscite VAR-SOM-MX93x:

36: START TO FINISH: Stepper Motors: A Primer for When You Need Precise Positioning, By Stuart Ball

[1] Toshiba TB67S111 datasheet:
[2] STMicroelectronics L9935 datasheet:
[3] Oriental Motor torque article:
[4] Oriental Motor inertia article:

STMicroelectronics |
Texas Instruments |
Toshiba |

Code and Supporting Files

42: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Eliciting Software Requirements for Embedded Systems: Part 1: Conventional Methods, By Bob Japenga

[1] “How to Write a Software Requirements Specification”
[2] A good article about the cost to fix a bug late in the software life cycle. Figure 2 data is from this article.
Note: The most obscure place this white paper was referenced was in July, 2023 in an article in Homeland Security Today, entitled, “Meeting the Challenges of Ukraine’s Recovery – Business as Usual? Absolutely Not!”
[3]  The website shows used computer controls for sale that we specified in these workshops in the late 70’s, 43 years after they were first deployed!
[4] United States Patent and Trademark Office – If you don’t know how to search patents, the USPTO’s 38-minute tutorial is well worth watching.

Risk Assessment Framework (RAF). International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science. Vol. 01. Pandey, S. K. and Mustafa, K. 2010. pp. 423-432.

React Native |

46: THE MAGIC SMOKE FACTORY: A Digitally Controlled Voltage Source, By Joseph Corleto

[1] Wikipedia article on “Thermoelectric cooling”:
[2] Texas Instruments OPA549 Op-Amp Datasheet:
[3] “Linear and Switching Voltage Regulator Fundamental Part 1” from Texas Instruments:
[4] Texas Instruments Guide to Switching Regulators:
[5] “Dynamically Program Voltage Regulators,” via Mosaic Industries:

Texas Instruments |

Code and Supporting Files

53: FROM THE BENCH: An Association Game for Pre-Readers: STEM or Toy?, By Jeff Bachiochi

Project Video

[1] M5Stack Website:
[2] Site:
     Image: wild-animals-set-with-nature-elements_1308-111630.jpg
[3] Page:
     Image: Bonnet_macaque_(Macaca_radiata)_Photograph_By_Shantanu_Kuveskar.jpg
[4] Audacity Website:

.NET nanoFramework:

Audacity |
Espressif Systems |
M5Stack |

Code and Supporting Files

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of ML in Edge Equipment: Machine Learning Eases Power Requirements for Edge and IoT Devices, By Brian Santo

Mouser Electronics |
TinyML |

[2] “tinyML Talks: Energy-Efficiency and Security for TinyML and EdgeAI: A Cross-Layer Approach”—Figure 2 image source:

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December (issue #401) Circuit Cellar

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