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December (issue #389) Circuit Cellar

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6: The Amazing Electret: Near-Permanent Charge Without a Voltage Supply, By George R. Steber

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14: Remote Updating of Microcontroller Firmware: Using an ESP32 MCU and Apache HTTP Server, By Pedro Bertoleti

[1] Espressif software development kit
[2] ESP32 documentation
[3] Arduino-ESP32 official support by Espressif
[4] GitHub repository for the example project

Arduino IDE:

Code and Supporting Files

22: Software-Defined Radios: Their Use in Testing & Measurement Applications, By Brendon McHugh and Kaue Morcelles

Cyan software-defined radio.

[1] Sreethivya, M., Dhanya, M. G., Nimisha, C., Gandhiraj, R., and Soman, K. P. (2014). “Radiation pattern of Yagi-UDA antenna using USRP on GNU radio platform.” International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, 03(19), 69–71.
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[3] Polese, M., Bonati, L., D’Oro, S., Basagni, S., and Melodia, T. (2021). “ColO-RAN: Developing machine learning-based xApps for open RAN closed-loop control on programmable experimental platforms.” IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. (Submitted for publication.)

28: GUI-O: A “Virtual” Front Panel: For ESP32 Projects, By Brian Millier

GUI-O Android app and Live Designer utility software:
GUI-0 Developer Manual

39: Automated Test Suite: The Selection, By Michael Lynes

[1] FDA 21 CFR Part 11:
[2] FDA 21 CFR Part 58:

46: DATASHEET: Tiny Embedded Boards: A Range of Powerful, Ultra-Compact Options, By Sam Wallace

DFRobot Beetle RP2040 Datasheet:
Digi Internation Xbee 3 Datasheet:
F&S Elektronik Systeme PicoCore MX8MM Datasheet:
GHI Electronics SITCore Flea SBC Datasheet:
InnoComm SB35 Datasheet available for download at:
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 Datasheet:
Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 Datasheet:
SolidRun LX2-Lite Datasheet:
Variscite DART-6UL Datasheet:

50: THE MAGIC SMOKE FACTORY: Smartphone App with ESP32, By Joseph Corleto

[1] Thunkable’s project video:
[2] Thunkable Live app on Google Play:

Code and Supporting Files

58: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Debugging Embedded Real-Time Systems: Tools Needed to Debug On the Go, By Bob Japenga


62: START TO FINISH: Introduction to Impedance: What is It, and How it Applies to Embedded Systems, By Stuart Ball

[1] Wikipedia article about time-domain reflectometers:
[2] Altium article on differential pair impedance:
[3] Sierra Circuits article on microstrips and striplines:

Aavid |
Linear Technology (Acquired by Analog Devices) |
STMicroelectronics |
Texas Instruments |

68: From the Bench: Just How Fast Was I Driving, Officer? Build a Solar-Powered Radar Detector, By Jeff Bachiochi

[1] Jeff Bachiochi, “Rainbow LEDs.” Circuit Cellar 388, November, 2022.
[2] Application of C-band Doppler Weather Radar (CDR) for Detecting Volcanic Ash Dispersion of Sinabung Eruption – Scientific Figure on ResearchGate. Available from:
[5] Shadow box: –×10-studio-decor/10229048.html
[6] Solar panel: –

arduino |
infenion |

Code and Supporting Files

79: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Data Centers: It’s Time to Rethink Data Center Architecture, By Vito Savino


ABB Power Conversion |

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December (issue #389) Circuit Cellar

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