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December (issue #341) Circuit Cellar

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p.6: IoT Door Security System Uses Wi-Fi: Control Via App or Web, By Norman  Chen, Ram Vellanki and Giacomo Di Liberto

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< >

Bill of Materials:

Part Name

Part Number


PIC32 Microcontroller


Microchip Technology

Wi-Fi Module



Distance Sensor



Piezoelectric Speaker



Digital-To-Analog Converter


Microchip Technology

PIC32 Microcontroller
MCP4822 Digital-To-Analog Converter
Microchip Technology |

ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module
Espressif Systems |

GP2Y0A21YK0F Distance Measuring Sensor
Sharp Corporation |

CEP-1141 Piezoelectric Speaker

p.12: FPGAs Provide Edge for Convolutional Neural Networks: Deep Learning Solution, By Ted Marena and Robert Green

[1]  Y. Lecun, L. Bottou, Y. Bengio and P. Haffner: “Gradient-based learning applied to document recognition,” in Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 86 No. 11, pp. 2278-2324, Nov 1998.
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ASIC Design Services |
Microsemi |

p.20: Designing a Display System for Embedded Use: Noritake Notes,
     By Aubrey Kagan

[1] Hierarchical Menus in Embedded Systems, Circuit Cellar, Issue #160, November 2003
[2] gen4 Display Module Series 7.0” Diablo16 Integrated Display Module datasheet
[3] GT-C9xxP series “General Function” Software Specification (requires registration)  GT800X480A-C903PA Hardware Specification (requires registration)

Cypress Semiconductor |
Noritake |

Links to more of Aubrey’s publications on/in Circuit Cellar, Planet Analog and at are available at:

p.26: Self-Navigating Robots Use BLE: Signals and Servos, By Jane Du and Jacob Glueck

[1] S. Carroll, “PIC32MC250F128B small dev board.”.
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BLE 4.0 Module (TI CC2541) HM-10
Texas Instruments, Inc. |

Continuous Rotation Robotic Servo (FEETECH FS90R)
Pololu |

9-Axis Gyroscope Acceleration Magnetic Sensor (MPU-9250)
TDK InvenSense |

PIC32MX250F128B Microcontroller
Microchip Technology |

p.31: Applying WebRTC to the IoT: Peer-to-Peer Comms, By Allie Mellen

WebRTC’s Github

WebRTC |

Google Developer CodeLabs
HTML5Rocks: Getting Started with WebRTC
BlogGeek.Me Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course

Expert Blogs
WebRTC Hacks
WebRTC by Dr Alex |  ( was acquired by 8×8 )
WebRTC |

p.36: Chip-Level Solutions Feed AI Needs: Embedded Supercomputing, By Jeff Child

Achronix |
Flex Logix Technologies |
Intel |
Lattice Semiconductor |
Microsemi |
Nvidia |
Quicklogic |
Xilinx |

p.42: Module Solutions Suit Up for IIoT: Compact Connectivity, By Jeff Child

Digi |
Espressif |
Jorjin Technologies |
Rigado |
Telit |
U-blox |

p.46: PRODUCT FOCUS DC-DC Converters: Expanding Options, By Jeff Child

Analog Devices |
Maxim Integrated |
MINMAX Technology |
Murata Power Solutions |
TDK-Lambda Americas |
Vicor |

p.50: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Internet of Things Security (Part 6):
Identifying Threats, 
By Bob Japenga

[1] OWASP Top 10  – 2017 
[2] CVE-2018-5383
[3] OWASP Internet of Things Top Ten —and  Top 10 IoT Vulnerabilities:   Infographic

Bob’s IoT Checklist Can Be Found Here (updated 11/20/2018)

p.54: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Real Schematics (Part 1): Passives and Parasitics, By George Novacek

Find all these Circuit Cellar issues on our web shop

[1] 3-Part articles series: “Transformers 101”, George Novacek, Circuit Cellar issues 302, 303 and 304

The Humble Resistor, George Novacek, Circuit Cellar issues 289

Not So Humble Capacitor, George Novacek, Circuit Cellar issue 291

Inductors, George Novacek, Circuit Cellar issue 292

Electromagnetics Explained by Ron Schmitt, published by Newnes, ISBN 0-7506-7403-2

p.58: THE DARKER SIDE: Do You Speak JTAG?: Up Your Test Game, By Robert Lacoste

JTAGLive controller & Buzz software


Scan test devices with octal buffers

Scan Test Device With Octal D-Type Edge-Triggered Flip-Flops

Ultra-low-power 32-bit Value Line ARM Cortex-M3 MCU

JTAG standards and links to IEEE website

IEEE Std1149.1 (JTAG)Testability
Texas Instruments 1997

JTAG tutorial

Instructions on doing (semi-)manual JTAG boundary scan with OpenOCD
Paul Fertser

Architecting a Multi-Voltage JTAG Chain
Hossain Hajimowlana , Analog Devices

JTAG Technologies |
Microchip Technology |
SEGGER Microcontroller |
STMicroelectronics |
Texas Instruments |

p.65: FROM THE BENCH: Sun Tracking Project: Using PIC18 MCU, By Jeff Bachiochi

Flash Microcontroller with High Performance PWM and A/D
Microchip Technology

Ambient Light Sensor
Everlight America
Toll Free: 844-352-6786

Serial LCD Board
Modern Device

Figure 2:  www.didel.commicrokitencoderEncoder.html

Everlight America |
Modern Device |
Microchip Technology |

p.79: The Future of IIoT Sensors: Rethinking the IIoT Sensor Domain for the Smart Factory, By Justin Moll


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