December (issue #329) Circuit Cellar Article Materials

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p. 6 : Designing High Performance GUIs: UIs for the Multicore Era, By Phil Brumby

Mentor, A Siemens Business |

p. 10 : Building a Robotic Candy Sorter: PIC32 and Raspberry Pi Team Up,
By Peter Slater and Mark (Moonyoung) Lee

Robotic Candy Sorter Video:

All the code and other files used to build this project is available on GitHub

MeArm is a small “Hackable” Robot Arm. It’s an Open Source project by Benjamin Gray and Jack Howard. Licensed under creative commons share alike.

OpenCV was provided under its BSD license.

Pyserial was provided under its BSD license.

Raspberry Pi 2 model B, 3D CAD assembly model

Raspberry Pi Camera Module Mechanical Dimensions

MeArm – Your Robot – v1.0 by phenoptix – Thingiverse

MeArm Robot Arm – Your Robot – V1.0

Learn about Robot Inverse Kinematics


ECE 4760 Class website

ECE 5725 Class website

Microchip |
Raspberry Pi Foundation |
Thingiverse |

Parts List:

Part Source
Raspberry Pi Provided by Class
Microstick II Provided by Class
Raspberry Pi Camera Provided by Class
9g Servos Amazon
Acrylic for Arm and Base Scrap
Misc. Nuts and Bolts. Scrap

p. 18 : Raster Laser Projector Uses FPGA: Digital and Analog Control,
By James Cassell and István Burbank

[2] Public Law 112-95 February 14 2012 112th Congress, Sec 311

Cornell Univ. ECE 4760: Laboratory 4
Image of Bruce Land: photo

Video of Laser Polygon Mirror Motor First Launch:

Analog Devices |
Intel PSG (formerly Altera) |
Microchip Technology |
Texas Instruments |

p. 26 : Designing a Home Cleaning Robot (Part 1): Selecting Components,
By Nishant Mittal

Cypress Semiconductor |
Texas Instruments |

p. 32 : Simulating a Hammond Tonewheel Organ (Part 2) Leslie Speaker Emulation,
By Brian Millier

Teensy 3.5 Development board:
Teensy Audio Library:
Teensy Audio System Design Tool software:
Adafruit I2S 3W Class D Amplifier module (ID 3006):
PT8211 Audio kit- PJRC:

Adafruit |
PJRC Store |
Princeton Technology |
Texas Instruments |

p. 38 : Wearables Drive Demand for Extreme Low Power Solutions, By Jeff Child

Analog Devices |
Cypress Semiconductor |
Microchip Technology |
ST Microelectronics |
Maxim Integrated |

p. 44 : Q & A: IoT Development for the Masses: An interview with Jeff Liebl,
By Jeff Child

Anaren IoT Group |

p. 47 : Power-Over-Ethernet Expands its Reach: Data & Power Learn to Share,
By Jeff Child

Analog Devices |
ADLINK Technology |
Kontron |
Maxim Integrated |
Microsemi |
Texas Instruments |

p. 52 : Information Theory in a Nutshell, By Robert Lacoste

IEEE, “Fifty years of signal processing : 1948-1998”

Claude R. Shannon, Bell System Technical Journal volume 27, “A Mathematical Theory of Communication”, 1948

John R. Pierce, California Institute of Technology, “An Introduction to Information Theory – Symbols, Signals and Noise”, Dover Publications Inc, Second edition, ISBN 978-0-486-24061-9

Wikipedia, “Variable length codes”

p. 59 : Component Overstress, By George Novacek

[1] George Novacek, “Phone Message Monitor”, Circuit Cellar 308
[2] Cypress Semiconductor , “EOS White Paper”

EOS/ESD Association

p. 66 : Money Sorting Machines (Part 1), By Jeff Bachiochi

Rotary coin mechanism patent: US 5868235 A
Nadex coin sorter
National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA)

p. 79: The Future of Tailored Processors: Bespoke Processors for IoT Devices,
By Henry Duwe

[1] S. Lucero, “IoT platforms: Enabling the internet of things”