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August (issue #397) Circuit Cellar

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4: Evaluation of Debugger on Arduino IDE V2.0.4, By Aubrey Kagan

[1] Debugging with the Arduino IDE 2.0:
[2] Installing the SAMD21 core for MKR boards:
[3] Arduino Zero:
[4] List author’s MCU blogs, with links:
[5] List of author’s writings on Using Microsoft Excel in Electronics, with links:

Arduino |

Code and Supporting Files

12: Watchdogs in Embedded Linux: For More Robust Solutions, By Pedro Bertoleti

[1] How to flash a Raspberry Pi OS image to a micro-SD card:
[2] How to access Raspberry Pi via SSH:
[3] Guide to correctly compiling and uploading kernel to Raspberry Pi:

Website: no_linux-embarcado-mais-resiliente-activity-6892121346998882304-FVXA

Embarcados |

16: Prototype AI Apps with SenseCAP K1100: Part 2: Dog Detection and Deterrence, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico

[1] Raul Alvarez Torrico, “Prototype AI Apps with SenseCAP K1100 (Part 1: Model Training and Deployment).” Circuit Cellar 395, June, 2023.
[2] Train and Deploy Your Own AI Model Into Grove – Vision AI,
[3] Roboflow’s “Universe” website:

Launch: Cloning Images from Open Source Datasets

Dog Detection SenseCAP Dataset

Arduino Audio Tools Library

A MP3 and AAC Decoder Using Helix

Installing the ESP32 Board in Arduino IDE (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)

Seeed Studio – SenseCraft

What is Mean Average Precision (mAP) in Object Detection?

Best Fitness

Arduino |
DFRobot |
Espressif Systems |
Roboflow |
Seeed Studio |
Ultralytics |

Code and Supporting Files

24: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: Drone Development and Usage, By Michael Lynes

[1] Drone History—University of Albany:
[2] Imperial War Museum – Short History of Drones:
[3] Consortiq Consulting – A Not-so-short-history of UAV:
[4] MDPI website: Investigation of Autonomous Multi-UAV Systems for Target Detection in Distributed Environment: Current Developments and Open Challenges –
[5] Wikipedia:UAV –
[6] Ebrary: A Historical Overview of Drone and UAV Technologies:
[7] Oscar Liang: Jargon webpage:
[8] Oscar Liang: Drone DIY build webpage:
[9] Force1 RC:
[10] DJI:
[11] Autel Robotics:
[12] PC Magazine: Best Drones of 2023:
[13] Allerin: Blog:
[14] Modal AI – Drone development kits:
[15] PX4 – Open-source Autopilot – Drone Software:
[16] Chetu – Drone Software Development:
[17] NXP – HoverGames drone kit:
[18] HolyBro – Drone Dev Kits –

Whitepaper: Drone Development using IoT
Photography: Airborne Studios –
Logistics/shipping and delivery: Amazon Prime Air –
Mapping: Lidar USA –
Search and Rescue: DSLR Pros –
Agricultural: University of Florida –
Accessories— UAV Flight Map:
MathWorks – AR Drone Simulink Development Kit:
DroneZon – Drone Newsletter:

32: DATASHEET: Application-Specific MCUs: For Niche Embedded System Solutions, By Sam Wallace

Datasheet URLs:
Analog Devices MAX32660:
Infineon EZ-PD CCG7D:
Microchip Technology PIC18F27/47/57Q84:
Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160:
Nuvoton ISD91500:–DS_ISD91500_DataSheet_EN_Rev2.4.pdf
NXP Semiconductors MC56F80XXX:
Renesas RA4T1 Group:
ST Microelectronics SR6G7x:
Texas Instruments TMS320F280015x:

36: THE MAGIC SMOKE FACTORY: Intro to Control Systems: Part 1: Meet Our Plant, By Joseph Corleto

[1] ECE 486 Control Systems, Lecture 6:
[2] Magnetic levitation system demonstration:

Espressif Systems |

41: START TO FINISH: Why’s It So Hot in here?: Thermal Basics, By Stuart Ball

[1] Ball, Stuart: Getting Started with Resistors: Workhorses Devices. Circuit Cellar, Issue 382, May 2022, p. 12-17.
[2] LF33 Datasheet:

46: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Debugging Embedded Real-Time Systems: Strategies for Finding Bugs, By Bob Japenga

[1] Balloon Pump description:
[2] Communications of the ACM April 1997 / Vol. 40, No. 4 Marc Eisenstadt “My Hairiest Bug War Stories”:
[3] Back-planning example:
[4] React Native – a language for developing cross platform mobile apps developed by Meta:

50: FROM THE BENCH: I2C User Interface (I/O): Button It Up, By Jeff Bachiochi

Adafruit |
Arduino |
Autodesk |
Bud Industries |
Microchip Technology |
OSH Park |
TE Connectivity |

Code and Supporting Files

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Embedded Code Development: Tools Best Suited For Its Unique Requirements, By Rafael Taubinger

[1] 2022 Developer Survey by Stack Overflow:

IAR Systems |

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August (issue #397) Circuit Cellar

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