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August (issue #337) Circuit Cellar

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p. 6: Build an Audio Response Light Display: Modern LEDs in Action,
By Devlin Gualtieri

Printed circuit board positive for the audio response light display.

Diagram of the board’s component layout (the board shown in Figure 6)..

The author’s unit used superbright LED automotive dome lights available at Amazon

One source of Krylon Matte Finish spray is Michaels:

Dr. Gualtieri writes a science and technology blog at

Dr. Gualtieri is also the author of three science fiction novels and books about science and mathematics.  See, or his Amazon author’s page ( for details.

p. 12: Murphy’s Laws in the DSP World (Part 2): The Next Three Laws,
By Michael Smith, Mai Tanaka and Ehsan Shahrabi Farahani

(See link at top of this page for the article code archive.)

Mathworks |
GNU Octave |

FIGURE 4 (From Part 1- June)
(a) A short burst of a sinusoidal signal centered in a 1 second sampling period unexpectedly shows (b) a frequency spectrum involving convolution with a high frequency variant (red) of a sinc() function rather than the expected low frequency version (blue).


p. 28: Signature Analyzer Uses NXP MCU: Scope-Free Tester, By Brian Millier

(See link at top of this page for the article code archive. The Arduino library folder and source code are available there.)

To compile the code needed for this project, install the Arduino IDE from:

… and then go to PJRC’s web-site and download the Teensyduino plug-in at:


Teensy 3.5 Development module: PJRC

Touch-screen Display Module:
MikroElektronika   Connect Eve module  (Digikey 1471-1104-ND)

or    FTDI VM800B43 module  (DigiKey 768-1194-ND)

INA121, INA128 Instrumentation amplifiers: Texas Instruments

MCP41010 SPI digital pot: Microchip

12 volt switching power supplies:
Mean Well EPS-15-12 (DigiKey 1866-1667-ND)

PCF8574AN I2C Expander: Texas Instruments

FTDI Chip |
Mean Well |
MikroElektronika |
Microchip Technology |
NXP Semiconductors |
PJRC Store |
Texas Instruments |

p. 36: Managing FPGA Design, Complexity: Easing IP Integration,
By Bob Sgandurra

Pentek |

p. 41: FPGA Solutions Evolve to Meet AI Needs: Brainy System ICs, By Jeff Child

Achronix |
Flex Logix Technologies |
Intel PSG (formerly Altera) |
Note: On July 30 will be integrated into
Lattice Semiconductor |
Quicklogic |
Xilinx |

p. 46: MCUs and Processors Vie for Embedded Mindshare: Performance Push, By Jeff Child

Cypress Semiconductor |
Infineon Technologies |
Intel |
Microchip Technology |
NXP Semiconductors |
Renesas Electronics |
ST Microelectronics |
Texas Instruments |

p. 50: Tiny Embedded Boards: Compact Computing, By Jeff Child

(to be done)

p. 54: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Internet of Things Security (Part 4):
The Power of Checklists, By Bob Japenga

[1]  Photo from
Used by permission of the owner
[6]  The Embedded Muse No 346 March 19, 2018
[15]  This wiki includes a list of all of the 27K standards:
[16] ISO 14971 Medical Devices – Application of risk management to medical devices
[17]  The Common Criteria Part 1:
provides a good, albeit very general definition of assets

p. 58: THE DARKER SIDE: Pitfalls of Filtering Pulsed Signals: Waveform Woes,
By Robert Lacoste

Frequency spectrum of a tone burst General Radio company, 1965

Sinc function

Scilab |

p. 64: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Thermoelectric Cooling (Part 2):
The Test Results, By George Novacek

[1]  Peltier module TEC12706 Specification
[2]  Peltier Application Note
[2]  Adafruit Peltier Module Assembly
[4]  Meerstetter – TEC Peltier Element Design Guide
[5]  Improvement in the COP of Thermoelectric Cooler

Adafruit |
Peltier Modules |

p. 68: FROM THE BENCH: Electronic Speed Control (Part 2):
Building the Circuitry,
By Jeff Bachiochi

Infineon Technologies
IPP034N03L G –        OptiMOS3 FET

Microchip Technology
PIC18F2431    –        Flash Microcontroller with High Performance PWM and A/D
MIC4604        –        MICREL Half Bridge MOSFET Driver

Infineon Technologies |
Microchip Technology |

p. 79: The Future of Cellular in the IoT: What 5G Means for the IoT’s Road Ahead, By Gil Ben-Dov

Total Phase blog posts:
:“How Embedded Is Your World?”
“The Future of AI and the Embedded System”

Total Phase |

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August (issue #337) Circuit Cellar

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