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April (issue #405) Circuit Cellar

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4: No Blues with Bluetooth!: Part 1: An Introduction…, By Robert Lacoste

Bluetooth SIG |

[1] Robert Lacoste, “Let’s Understand Ground Stitching Vias.” Circuit Cellar 394, May 2023.
[2] Idiotic IoT Devices Nobody Asked For:
[3] Hedy Lamarr Wikipedia article:
[4] Origin of the Bluetooth name:
[5] SIG member directory:
[6] SIG membership benefits:
[7] 2023 Bluetooth Market Update:
[8] Medium—“Who own them and how much are the essential patents to make a telephone?”:
[9]—“All the Essentials You Need to Brand Your Bluetooth Product”:
[10] Moses Singer—“Bluetooth’s Trademark Infringement Action Distorted by First Sale Doctrine”:

10: Zephyr RTOS: A Small, Real-Time Operating System for Embedded Devices, By Pedro Bertoleti

The Zephyr Project |

[1] Zephyr Project GitHub repository:
[2] Zephyr Project official website:
[3] All subsystems supported by Zephyr RTOS:
[4] Examples of the subsystems:
[5] Instructions for preparing Zephyr RTOS development environment in a Windows or macOS operating system:
[6] Pulse counter with LoRaWAN connectivity project repository on GitHub:
[7] Zilia Technologies website:

Code and Supporting Files

22: Silicon Integrated Circuit Manufacturing: Part 2: Making the Chips That Make Electronics Possible, By Faiz Rahman, PhD

Applied Materials Corporation |
Lam Research Corporation |

“Semiconductor Manufacturing,” Hitachi:
“6 crucial steps in semiconductor manufacturing,” ASML:
“Past, Present, and Future of Moore’s Law, which Supports the Advancement of the Semiconductor Industry,” Telescope Magazine:

26: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: Cyber Security for IoT: On the Road to Canterbury, By Michael Lynes

Ordr |

[1] ‘The Canterbury Tales’ – Chaucer, Geoffrey:
[2] Numeric Encoding:
[3] Donald Knuth:
[5] Hexspeak:
[6] Hexspeak Words:
[7] 1337 (LEET):
[8] IoT Cyber Attacks:,control%20systems%2C%20and%20medical%20devices.
[9] Cloudflare:
[10] CheckPoint IoT:
[11] MicroSoft Defender IoT Security Solutions:
[12] Ordr CD 8.1 Video:

BotNet Detection:
Cyber Security IoT:
IoT Analytics:
Singapore Computer Society: Securing IoT –
Institute for Defense and Business:
Cloudflare API Shield:*l6ewaz*_ga*MTg0MDg2MDc3Mi4xNzA4OTUxNTMw*_ga_SQCRB0TXZW*MTcwODk1MTUzMS4xLjEuMTcwODk1MjEyNy4wLjAuMA..
Palo Alto Networks: Securing the IoMT –
Ordr Clinical Defender:
AMRIS IoMT Security Playbook:
Binariks Understanding IoMT Security: A Comprehensive Guide –

32: DATASHEET: DSPs and DSCs, Time is of the Essence, By Sam Wallace

Analog Devices ADSP-21593/-21594/-SC592/-SC594:
Analog Devices ADSP-SC596/-SC598:

Analog Devices ADAU1797:

Asahi Kasei Microdevices AK7709:

Cirrus Logic CS49834/44:

Infinera WA’A 400G:

Marvell Orion:

Microchip Technology:

Microchip Technology dsPIC33CK512MP608:

NXP Semiconductors MC56F80XXX:

36: The Magic Smoke Factory: Make Your Own SoM: A Modular Approach, By Joseph Corleto 

Espressif Systems |

[1] Xilinx—“System-on-Modules (SoMs): How and Why to Use Them”:
[2] Raspberry Pi Pico Development Board (Raspberry Pi Pico WH RP2040)—DigiKey:

Code and Supporting Files

42: START TO FINISH: ESD Protection, By Stuart Ball

Littelfuse |
Nexperia |
STMicroelectronics |
Texas Instruments |

[1] Stuart Ball, “Combating Electrical Noise: Keeping Your Circuits Quiet.” Circuit Cellar 403, February 2024.

46: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: An Embedded Designer Looks at Mobile App Development, By Bob Japenga

Dart |
Expo |
Flutter |
React |
React Native |

[1] NuPulse—“What is iVAS?”:
[2] Stack Overflow 2023 Developer Survey:
[3] JQueryUI:

Code and Supporting Files

50: FROM THE BENCH: Lighting a Miniature Holiday Village: Using DotStar RGB LEDs with an ESP8266 & WEMOS-D1 Mini, By Jeff Bachiochi

Espressif Systems |
Wemos |

Code and Supporting Files

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Edge AI Vision: Edge AI Vision Kits: Elevating the Efficiency of Embedded Applications, By Maharajan Veerabahu

[1] e-con Systems’ qSmartAI80_CUQ610:

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