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April (issue #381) Circuit Cellar

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p.6: Getting Started with RTOSes: RTOS on an MCU, By Stuart Ball

[1] TI TM4C1233D5 datasheet:
[2] “Debugging Embedded Systems with Minimal Resources,” Circuit Cellar {312}, July, 2016
[3] RTOS fundamentals:

FreeRTOS |
Texas Instruments |

p.12: Capacitive Touch Keyboard for Synthesizers: The LMS101 Project, By Liam Brinston, Michael Brown and Silas Jantzen

[1] J. Aikin, “The Horizons of Instrument Design: A Conversation with Don Buchla,” Keyboard Magazine, 12 (1982).  Updated 11/29/2017 and reproduced in a forum on 8/10/2020:
[2] Atmel, “AT42QT2120 Datasheet,” 06 2012. [Online]. Available:
[3] Texas Instruments, “TCA9548A Datasheet,” 05 2012. [Online]. Available:
[4] Diodes Incorperated, “PI4MSD5V9548A Datasheet,” 01 2017. [Online]. Available:
[5] Feargal Cleary, Microchip Technology Inc., “AN2934 – Capacitive Touch Sensor Design Guide,” 2020. [Online]
[6] KontinuumLAB, “KontinuumLAB,” 2021. [Online]. Available:
[7] Altium, “Working with Custom Pad Shapes in Altium Designer,” 20 September 2019. [Online].


Raspberry Pi
–              Pi Pico RP2040 (Microcontroller)

–              AT42QT2120 (QTouch sensor controller w/I2C)
–              MCP4822 (Dual 12-bit DAC w/SPI)
–              MCP6004 (Quad Op Amp)

Texas Instruments
–              TCA9548A (I2C 1-to-8 multiplexer – used in our prototype)

Diodes Incorporated
–              74LVC125A (Non-inverting Buffer)
–              PI4MSD5V9548ALEX (I2C 1-to-8 multiplexer – work-alike to TCA9548 used in our final assembly)

Altium |
Arduino |
Autodesk |
Diodes Incorporated |
KontinuumLAB |
Microchip Technology |
Raspberry Pi |
Texas Instruments |

p.20: Antique Clock Accuracy Project: Reloaded: PSoC4 MCU Back in Action, By Aubrey Kagan

[1]  “Modernizing the Accuracy of an Antique Clock” (Circuit Cellar 358, May 2020)
[2]  Favre-Bulle’s Electromagnetic Clock Patent (#US 1,411,243)
[3]  Bulle Clocks: Magnet Marvels from a Century Ago
[4]  The Bulle-Clock of Favre-Bulle. Practical Manual for the use of Clockmakers and Jewelers. Translated by Robert A.H. Miles and published by The Electrical Horology Group, 1995.
[5]  Maxim Integrated’s MAX7375 datasheet:
[6] Links to more of Aubrey’s publications on/in Circuit Cellar, Planet Analog and at are available at:

Infineon Technologies |
Maxim Integrated |
Microchip Technology |
Tera Term Project |

p.28: Build a Long-Term DAQ System (Part 2): The Software Design, By Anuj Justus


Adafruit |
Espressif Systems |
FreeRTOS | www.freertos.og
GitLab |
Hantek |
Infineon Technologies |
Multicomp Pro |
Raspberry Pi Foundation |
Sitronix |
Texas Instruments |

p.40: Drone Development Kits Add Intelligence, Features: Skyward Solutions, By Jeff Child

“Intro to Ardupilot and PX4 (Part 1),” Circuit Cellar 357, April 2020)

“Intro to Ardupilot and PX4 (Part 2),” Circuit Cellar 358, May 2020

“Building a COVID Test Drone – Part 1,” Circuit Cellar 372, July 2021

“Building a COVID Test Drone – Part 2” Circuit Cellar 374, September 2021

Adlink Technology |
Ardupilot |
ModalAI |
NXP Semiconductors |
PX4 Autopilot |
Qualcomm |
Topic Embedded Systems |
Xilinx |

p.46: Raspberry Pi Add-On Ecosystem Grows: RPi HAT Roundup, By Jeff Child

Anavi Technology |
InnoRoute |
Measurement Computing|
Raspberry Pi Foundation |
SB Components |
Sequent Microsystems |

p.52: DATASHEET: 32-bit Microcontrollers: Embedded Workhorse, By Jeff Child

Espressif Systems
Infineon Technologies
Renesas Electronics
ST Microelectronics
Texas Instruments

Datasheet URLs:


Espressif Systems

Infineon Technologies

Renesas Electronics

ST Microelectronics

Texas Instruments

p.55: THE DARKER SIDE: The Darker Side: The 100th!: 15 Years, Fearless and Fun, By Robert Lacoste

[1]  The origin of Circuit Cellar magazine:
Steve Ciarcia, “Are You Wondering How It All Began?” Circuit Cellar etc.
[2] Robert Lacoste’s first article in Circuit Cellar:
“PIC’Spectrum—Audio Spectrum Analyser,” Circuit Cellar 98, September, 1998.
[3]  Robert Lacoste’s first “The Darker Side” column:
“The Darker Side: Let’s play with EMI!,” Circuit Cellar 205, August, 2007)

Robert Lacoste’s two “The Darker Side” columns that received the most feedback from readers:
[4] “The Darker Side – No Fear with FIR,” Circuit Cellar 207, October 2007
[5] “The Darker Side – Introduction to IIR Filters,” Circuit Cellar 267, October 2012

Alciom |
Microchip Technology |

p.60: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Debugging Embedded: Real-Time Systems (Part 1): The Bugs, By Bob Japenga


[2] Circuit Cellar Issue 365, December 2020 “EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: FreeRTOS Part 1”
[3]  A great article by NASA on this failure:
[4] See Bjarne Stroustrup’s web site , the creator of C++, for his link to the Joint Strike Fighter’s coding standard:
[5] Deep Impact picture public domain from NASA NASA/JPL –


p.66: FROM THE BENCH: Using I2S to Transfer Digital Data (Part 2): The Output Side, By Jeff Bachiochi

[1] “Using I2S to Transfer Digital Data (Part 1) “(Circuit Cellar 380, March 2022)
[2]Adafruit I2S MEMS Microphone Breakout
[3] Adafruit MAX98357 I2S Class-D Mono Amp
[4] Adafruit I2S 3W Class D Amplifier Breakout – MAX98357A
[5] Adafruit I2S Stereo Decoder – UDA1334A Breakout

Adafruit |
Espressif Systems |
NXP Semiconductors |

p.79: The Future of Real-Time in Databases: Embedded Databases in Real-Time Systems, By Steve Graves


McObject |

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